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This website aims to share news, reviews and thoughts on GPS Receivers and Navigation Programs and more specifically those designed for the
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    GPS/Mapping News       

 Date  Description

bulletStarting today, news will be posted on the redesigned GpsPasSion.com - here
bulletPocket CoPilot 3.5 Europe is now available for purchase from...the US site of Travroute
bulletThere are a few inconsistencies between the US and UK sites of Travroute
bulletNew Transplant Sleeve only available in US
bulletUK has a software only version ( a first for any Travroute product) but not the US version.
bulletStreet level coverage now includes virtually all of Europe (on US site)
bulletA new mapping program has been launched: jGPS - Uncle Georges Java for GPS
bulleta Java based GPS land/street navigation system.
bulletuses the free street database from the US Census bureau (Tiger?)
bulletI've just found out about a promising new Navigation Program for PocketPCs called Intellinav by Netropa
bulletUses NavTech maps
bulletFull feature set routing, rerouting, voice guidance, etc...
bulletThose with a good memory will probably find it similar to the early version of Navman's 3420 software
bulletI just came across the cheapest mouse receiver so far, Deluo's GPSS
bulletPrice of $89 (until 10/31/01 apparently, extended until 12/31/02)
bulletTiny form factor
bulletCompanies make headway in integrating GPS/GSM technologies
bullet"The integration of the two systems into one unit is now the goal of manufacturers with dedicated R&D teams."
bullet"However, integration is difficult and few manufacturers are achieving high levels of success in the segment."
bulletyou can read the complete article here
bulletPalm Platform (Tungsten) gets first Bluetooth GPS bundle.
bullet Press Release
bulletComes with Mapopolis Platinum software version 5.0
bulletCost: $329.99.
bulletAvailable from Transplant and Palm Store
bulletMagellan Color (First color handheld GPS Receiver) (available at Sharper Image
bulletUpcoming version (2.x) of Destinator adds a 3D Navigation Mode, something currently only available on high-end car navigation systems. You can see screenshots in this thread (in German) of the excellent pocketnavigation.de site.
Thanks to Karl Koeniger for sharing this link
bulletFor those who don't read German, improvements include:
bullet3D Navigation mode
bulletLarger menu buttons for finger navigation
bulletFaster operation
bulletUpdated NavTech maps
bulletMaybe the best news is that the price of this upgrade has been announced at 29 in Germany!
bulletYou can discuss this news here

bulletTravroute are releasing CoPilot 3.5 in Europe. A few quick comments:
bulletCoverage extended from UK to Europe
bulletExpected after their August announcement that they had licensed NavTech maps for Europe
bulletCurrently detailed maps only for the UK though, highway maps for Europe
bulletFirst bundle that offers a memory card (128mb SD)
bulletFirst CoPilot product not locked to their GPS (software available separately)
bulletLet's see if they've kept the excellent map management features they had when they used their proprietary maps
bulletRadioShack is now selling a GPS/Software bundle for the grand total of $99! - thanks to Tedya for the news
bulletAppears to be a mouse GPS
bulletComes with Delorme's XMap Handheld Street Atlas - RS edition - not sure if it's different from the standard $40 edition
bulletcomes with cables for the iPaq 38xx/39xx
bulletI'll try to pick one up for a review, stay tuned - review now online
bulletGPS bundles are now popping up in retail stores. Navman's 3420 voice has been available for a few weeks and now Pharos v4.0 is too, both the serial GPS and the CF GPS bundles. They even have a big display at the Fry's store in Campbell.
bulletBluetooth GPS News - It looks like the wait is (almost) over !
bullet"Retail version Coming Soon to a Socket Communications retailer near you!"
As posted Transplantcomputing's website here
bulletRead Socketcom's press release here
bullet Don't forget to read our detailed review here
bulletFirst sighting of the Magellan Meridian Color GPS (news posted by Wyatt W. on the satellite newsgroup)
bulletNews in German
bulletNews translated in English by Google
bulletPicture of what is the first portable color GPS as far as I know
bulletAdded links to the Garmin FRS/GMRS/GPS Rino's here
bulletProbably a lot of news this week since the 9th ITS World Congress is taking place in Chicago from 10/14 to 10/17
bulletTeleAtlas launches new map database for North America
bulletBetter accuracy
bulletAccess to real time traffic data in partnership with the Westwood One network

 Old news  

Website News         

 Date  Description

bulletStarting today, news will be posted on the redesigned GpsPasSion.com - here
bulletThe review of Mapopolis Navigator is now live
Earns "Best City Navigator" GpsPasSion.com award thanks to:
bulletExcellent map display
bulletFast rerouting
bulletAdded overall ratings for the programs reviewed so far
bulletCreation of the GpsPasSion.com awards
bulletBest Highway Navigator - CoPilot
bulletBest City Navigator - Mapopolis
bulletReorganized the software section to show non-navigation software on the same page
bulletAdded "Other Utilities" category for Windows CE devices. First entry is the beta version of VisualGPSCe, a nice NMEA data logger
bulletAdded the Haicom HI-303 to the PocketPC GPS Receiver page. It's got a novel swiveling antenna design
bulletAdded link to updated version of SiRF Demo (3.36) here (thanks Garylm!)
bulletThe review of the Holux CF GM-270 is now online
bulletFirst CF GPS receiver with the the SiRF IIe/LP chipset
bulletImproved reception and power usage compared with current generation of CF GPS receivers
bulletAdded volume information for the CF GPS receivers
bulletHolux CF GPS review is almost done. A very impressive device !
bulletJust received the Holux GM-270 CF GPS receiver (thanks Tony!) and hope to have a review up by the end of tomorrow.
As a reminder, it's the first CF GPS with the SiRF IIe/LP chipset to be available (same chipset used in Bluetooth GPS and Transplant IGPSJ)
bulletAdded the power usage comparison of 802.11b card in "Other PPC tests"
bulletGpsPasSion - EXCLUSIVE - First pictures and detailed specs of Transplant IGPSJ Sleeve (aka the new CoPilot Sleeve)
bulletUpdated the DigiTraveler review
bulletthe laptop version does in fact come with Street Atlas 2003 (unlike what's stated on the RS website)
bulletXmap HandHeld RSE offers voice guidance, unlike the standalone version of XMap HH. An additional value to an already very well priced package!

bulletI'm pleased to announce the launch of a section in the forum dedicated to the navigation programs of PocketMap and want to make sure things are clear from the get go:
bulletGpsPasSion.com or myself are not deriving any monetary or any other advantage from this
bulletThis offer is extended to all other software or hardware designers
bulletGpsPasSion.com keeps all of its editorial privileges
bulletHaving said that, I think it's a nice opportunity for users or would be users of a program to have access to a centralized place to share experiences, questions and problems.
bulletand remember it's "all about sharing the info" !
bulletAdded a (p)review of the remarkably priced DigiTraveler GPS sold by RadioShack
bulletAdded a review of the Transplant CF GPS - A dependable solution!
bulletAdded info for the Navman Sleeve GPS in "The Fix" webpage. Quite a decent performance!

Old news


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