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[Lifestyle] Citizen Appleseed Ecodrive Watch : Synchs to GPS
Posté le 30 mars 2011 à 07:05:00 par gpspassion. EN - Hardware
Source : Gpspassion

The Baselwatch show is taking place this week and while there are luxurius watches on display by Patek Philippe, Ulysse Nardin or Rolex there are also some technological innovations. This year it's GPS making its way to watches, at least to the surprising Citizen Appleseed that synchs to GPS satellite signals to adjust itself each day.

Using radio signals to adjust a watch is not new since Junghans launched the "Mega 1" in 1990. This type of watch is now common and they synch to the low frequency signals broadcast by base stations located in Europe, the USA and Japan but coverage is limited to these regions. What's new with the Appleseed is using GPS signals that have worldwide coverage. You can use the [NEWS] Citizen Appleseed Watch : Synchs to GPS topic in the "GPS and Mobile News" forums to discuss.

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