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GPS Recall - Garmin nüvi Battery PCB Recall : 2x0W and 7xx
Posté le 25 août 2010 à 11:28:00 par gpspassion. EN - Hardware
Source : Gpspassion

In what appears to be the first GPS recall ever, Garmin have issued a nüvi Battery PCB Recall for their nüvi 200W, 250W, 260W and 7xx models :
...Garmin has identified potential overheating issues when certain batteries manufactured by the third-party battery supplier within a limited date code range are used in certain Garmin nüvi models with a specific printed circuit board (PCB) design. It appears that the interaction of these factors can, in rare circumstances, increase the possibility of overheating, which may lead to a fire hazard...
A bit odd as these are older models and you'd think we would have heard of problems in the past (certainly can't recall any mention of a "fire") but kudos to them for taking it seriously. You can use the [ALERT] nüvi Battery PCB Recall - 2x0w and 7xx in the "Garmin nüvi forums" to discuss.

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