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TomTom backtracks on "Dumbed Down" Devices with v9.150 update
Posté le 07 octobre 2010 à 16:47:00 par gpspassion. EN - "All in One" Solutions
Source : Gpspassion

Updated October 7th, 2010
In case you missed it, TomTom released the v9.150 update via TomTom HOME for some of their "dumbed down" devices with the Start (Europe) or Easy (North America) menus, namely the XL2 and the XL350 and XXL550, but not for the Start or Ease unfortunately.

This update reinstated basic feature such as : Custom POI Support and Alerts, POI on map view , Route details, Route demo , etc...You can use the Major TomTom update -- Easy/Start models v9.15 topic of the "TomTom AIO Forums" to discuss.

Updated June 29th, 2010 - In late 2009, TomTom released the TomTom START in Europe and then the TomTom EASE in the USA, both boasting the "EasyMenu™", supposed to be...easier to use, although it could be easily argued in light of TomTom's massive success since 2004 that their previous interface did the job rather well...Conversely it could be argued that the new interface was significantly "dumbed down" and with a notable omission : customized POI alerts...leaving you stuck with having to buy TomTom's inferior (according to those who compared it with community based data) speedcameras. A first trick was found for the Start v1, but it stopped working on the...

... Start v2, on the XL IQ Routes v2...and the Start v1 with the v9.053 update (released 06/2010). We asked TomTom about that and were told that this was not intentional...anyway here is a way to overcome this : [TIP] Enabling POI Alerts on TomTom Start/Ease in the section of the forums.

Posted January 11th, 2010 - TomTom used the CES show to announce the TomTom EASE, an entry level GPS designed to make GPS...easy. TomTom's interface had generally been viewed as being pretty easy as it was but they are likely trying to conquer markets that had resisted so far. The EASE is known as the TomTom START in Europe, a name that would have worked in...

... the US too it seems, and it's been out since October. The US version adds TTS (Text to Speech) to its features. The START doesn't seem to have done very well in Europe so far, possibly because it comes at a price similar to the ONE IQ Routes (ONE 140 in the US) and has a "dumbed down" interface that notably lacks Traffic information and POI alerts, although a workaround was found. Let's see how the EASE does, in the meantime you can use the [NEWS] TomTom EASE - GPS made Easy ? topic of the forums on GpsPasSion to discuss.

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