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Garmin's ecoRoute HD with ODB II connection - Android Mechanic Available
Posté le 01 mars 2011 à 14:53:00 par gpspassion. EN - General News
Source : Gpspassion

Updated March 1st, 2011
Garmin's EcoRoute HD module originally worked with the nuvi 1xxx series and compatibility with the 2xxx and 37xx was added later. They have just been joined by Android smartphones or tablets thanks to the Garmin Mechanic application available on the Android Market.

This free application adds some new "ecoroute HD" features compared to the nuvi interface such as a more destailed diagnostics page, but also offers a "skidpad" module as well as an acceleration module to check that your ride is still delivering! You can use the [TOPIC] Garmin® ecoRoute™ hd via OBD II - Reviews topic in the "Garmin nüvi forums" to discuss.

Updated July 6th, 2010 - Garmin's EcoRoute HD module announced at the CES show in January is now shipping for $150 and is compatible with the bluetooth enabled nuvi 1xxx and nuvi 37xx models. This module plugs into the OBD II connector of all recent cars for live performance monitoring....

... Forum member speedlever installed it in his 2008 Honda Ridgeline and is sharing pictures of the setupg and screenshots from his nuvi 1690 in the [TOPIC] Garmin® ecoRoute™ hd via OBD II - Testing topic of the "Garmin nüvi" section of the forums.

Updated January 5th, 2010 - With responsible driving bound to become more than a buzzword in the upcoming years, Garmin are ramping up the ecoRoute feature of their GPS systems with the ecoRoute hd module to become available in March...

After a good response when it was launched, the ecoRoute feature stopped generating much discussion, possibly because it didn't provide very useful information on the road or really helped to have a "greener" driving. The raw engine data that will be available via the ecoRoute hd module could change this. However it seems to be limited to the new nuvi 1xxx range and had a steep MSRP of $150. You can use the Garmin® ecoRoute™ hd via OBD II connector started by jotne to discuss.

Posted January 26th, 2009 - Announced earlier this month at CES, the new EcoRoute feature is already available on the nuvi 2x5 and 7x5 GPS systems, courtesy of the v4.80 and v3.00 updates, respectively. The general idea is to help drivers have a "greener" driving pattern with three different tools : gas mileage tracking, a "less fuel" routing option and a driving challenge, meaning the "fun factor" wasn't forgotten. As usual this will have to be road tested over time, in the meantime you can use the Garmin ecoRoute update for nüvis - testing topic in... the nüvi forums to discuss and view screenshots kindly provided by forum regular SergZak.

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