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TomTom GPS - New TMC Traffic Receiver for USA (RDBS), Europe (RDS) - On Sale
Posté le 17 mars 2011 à 18:46:00 par gpspassion. EN - Connected GPS
Source : Gpspassion

Updated March 17th, 2011
Just as they are about to launch their first GPS system, the GO 2535 M LIVE with HD Traffic via GPRS, TomTom are discounting their TMC/FM Traffic receivers with lifetime service.

This might make the new service a harder sell but in the meantime it's a great deal since you can get lifetime worldwide traffic service for a low $40 instead of the previous $70. Both their TMC receivers are concerned so it means compatibility with all the traffic enabled GPS systems (GO 740, ONE, XL, XXL, GO 2x35, etc...). You can use the TomTom Lifetime Traffic Receiver Sale of the to discuss.

Posted June 4th, 2010 - With user reports of TomTom's HD Traffic finally coming to America on the LIVE units (the external GPRS approved by the FCC in 2008 never made it outside of Holland), TomTom are still working on improving their RDS TMC (via FM) receivers, so...

... here comes the v5 receiver (codename 9UUC.002.00).

This fifth generation receiver offers two major improvements : there is no longer a need for an external FM antenna running around the windshield as it is now included in the power cable and the receiver is compatible with both the North American RDBS standard and the European RDS standard. You can use the New TomTom RDS/RDBS v5 Traffic Receiver topic of the to discuss.

Updated August 20th, 2008 - With the prices of GPS systems still in "free falling" mode, in Q2/2008 the market doubled compared to Q2/2007 but the overall value only went up 20%, manufacturers are working hard to come up with "value added" features and TomTom is pulling "HD Traffic" out of its sleeve. It is already available in Holland and the US could be next based on the recent FCC approval of the device. Unlike current Traffic receiver that use the...... limited RDS/FM TMC technology, the HD Traffic receiver includes a GPRS module with a SIM card for permanent and unlimited communication with the TomTom servers. The idea is to receive reports from the road, consolidate them and broadcast them to all users, like TomTom do for IQ Routes except this time it is live. This is reminiscent of what the Dash Express does, but TomTom can leverage millions of users to generate more reliable information. You can use this topic of the forums on GpsPasSion to discuss the upcoming HD Traffic receiver and related technology.

Updated June 23rd, 2008 - TomTom have a new RDS TMC Traffic receiver, the USB Traffic Receiver marketed specifically for the new ONE v4 (ONE 130) and ONE XL v2 (ONE 330) GPS systems, but it's also compatible with the GO x20 and x30 series. While it may seem convenient with its standard miniUSB connector, the built-in car charger connector is awkwardly placed...

... Of greater concern, its sensivity appears to be lower than on the v3 receiver with a proprietary plug that TomTom had tuned for a full year. In fact TomTom are currently offering discounts in the US and Europe on the v3 models, probably to clear out the inventory.

You can use this topic of the forums on GpsPasSion to discuss the new miniUSB receiver.

Updated September 19th, 2007 - While the TomTom RDS TMC traffic information receiver remains unreleased in the US - likely due to licensing issues although there is hope since Navigon managed to overcome them for a lifetime license - European users of TomTom GPS systems will be happy to know that the reception problems are solved with the v3 of the receiver...


More details and pictures in this thread of the forums on GpsPasSion.

Updated November 30th, 2006 - With their RDS TMC traffic information receiver having been released in Europe to mixed reviews, because of the current lack of controls in the software (a v6.60 update is in the works according to user reports), TomTom now appear to be readying it for release in the US as well. At least this is what was implied by a CSR with his "we anticipate its release later this year" relayed by forum member pugwash..


This is good news because even though traffic information is still quite limited, it's hard to do without it once you've tried it and the lack of RDS TMC availability was becoming a problem for TomTom units compared with Garmin's. More good news for TomTom users, a significant map upgrade (more on that later). Let's stay tuned for more !

Posted September 26th - As announced at the CeBIT show, TomTom are complementing their GPRS TMC Traffic information service available via TomTom PLUS by an RDS TMC Traffic information service with the addition of an RDS/FM receiver for the GO x10 range, sold between €69 and €100 depending on the country......Most users will likely find the RDS TMC receiver more convenient to access traffic information but GPRS TMC via TomTom PLUS can be preferable depending on your needs as discussed in this thread of the forums on GpsPasSion.

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