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TomTom GPS - VIA Series 14xx and 15xx Launched in the USA with "Nav 3"
Posté le 01 avril 2011 à 22:06:00 par gpspassion. EN - "All in One" Solutions
Source : Gpspassion

Updated April 1st, 2011
TomTom's new intermediate AIOs, the VIA Series, available in 4.3" screen versions (VIA 1400) and 5" screen versions (VIA 1500) are now available starting at $169.

Like the GO 2405/2505 released last fall and the GO 2435/2535 released last week, the VIA rely on TomTom's new "Nav 3" interface that has been streamlined compared with previous versions. But gone is TomTom HOME and the direct USB connection, now you need MyTomTom and options are limited. You can use the [TOPIC] TomTom VIA 1435, 1535, 1405 and 1505 NA in the section of the forums to discuss.

Updated March 19th, 2010 - After being a USA exclusive last fall, the TomTom ONE XXL gradually made its way to Europe, likely because the retailers where interested in offering a GPS system with a large 5" screen. The news for the XXL series is the availability of a v9 update via TomTom HOME. It sounds like a...

... big step up from the v8.550 they originally shipped with but in fact little appears to have changed other than some new color patterns. You can use the TomTom XXL 530S, 540S with 5" - v9 update topic of the forums to discuss. Also be sure to check out Rick's Road Testing the Nuvi 1490T & TomTom 540S comparison topic.

Updated September 14th, 2009 - In a surprise move, TomTom have just announced the new XXL 530S and 540S GPS systems with a 5" screen...

... They are TomTom's systems with the largest screen so far (previously 4.3" on the GO and XL) and they are also TomTom's first specific hardware for the North American market (previously they had released XLs with TTS when it was not available in Europe).

Little is known so far, other than they feature IQ Routes (statistical speeds for more accurate routes and ETA, see the TESTING - TOMTOM'S IQR (Intelligent Routing) article for details), like the high-end GO models and the ONE and XL IQ Routes and XL LIVE in Europe. Based on the available pictures they do not appear to be using the new Navcore 9 platform premiered on the GO x50s earlier this month. The 540S model will also feature ALG (full screen static images of roadsigns on motorways), maps of Mexico in addition to US and Canadian maps, more POIs (7 million) and a black finish. They are due to become available in October. In the meantime you can use the TomTom XXL 530S and 540S with 5" screen topic of the "GPS and Mobile News" forums to discuss.

Updated March 23rd, 2009 - TomTom had yet to announce a new mobile GPS device in 2009 (they announced the in-dash Renault Carminat TomTom and Toyota Yaris DUB1 in Europe at the Geneva car show), but here come the new ONE and ONE XL "IQ Routes" edition models, respectively the fifth and third models in the series. They clearly take after the ONE v4 and ONE XL v2 models launched in late April 2008, with the hardware part getting a black finish instead of last year's silver. The real change is...... at the software level with the entry-level ONE and mid-level XL getting the advanced IQ Routes (route calculations and estimates based on statistical date versus by road category) and ALG feature (detailed lane guidance and 3D signs) of the high-end GO range. These new devices are expected in Europe at the end of April with a price starting at €159. A North American launch is also planned and will occur later. In the meantime you can use the TomTom announce ONE and XL "IQ ROUTES" of the section of the forums, with screenshots and the full press release.

Updated April 30th, 2008 - During the TomTom 2008 Event for investors, distributors, resellers and webmasters, TomTom launched two new models in their ONE entry level range : the ONE v4/130 and the ONE XL v2/330. Items of note include...

... a more compact format, the foldable EasyPort Winshield mount, the larger and louder speaker (see picture on the left). You can click on the links above for a detailed hands on preview with comments and pictures of the new devices and comparisons with the GO 920.

Updated August 27th, 2007 - Thanks to Driscoll in the FRE forums and to...the Darty stores (see their website), we're getting an early view of what looks like the new version of the famous TomTom ONE AIO (All in One). We'll call it v3, since it comes after v1 launched in late 2005 in Europe and v2 launched in August 2006 worldwide... of note :
- ships with TomTom v7, see this topic
- Map updates via Mapshare, see this preview
- Optional RDS TMC (TBC)
- High sensitivity GPS chipset, likely the GL Hammerhead
- €199 rock bottom price

You can use this thread of the forums to discuss.

Updated April 16th, 2007 - We had discovered the ONE XL with its HD screen and Globallocate GPS chipset courtesy of the FCC in March and it is now official, both in the US and Canada at $400 and in Europe at €399.

Compared to the current "SD" TomTom ONE the $100 price premium is fairly high, but the accees to the optional trafic information via RDS TMC should also be factored in. You can use this thread of the forums to discuss...

Updated March 5th - While the ONE v3 with the new and efficient Globallocate Hammerhead chipset (see this comparison) and 1Gb internal memory is now arriving in Europe, the FCC tells us that TomTom is preparing a new ONE, the fourth in the series that will be called "XL" with its 4.3" 16/9 HD screen. Another new feature is the presence of TMC trafic information via......RDS FM (using the same receiver as on the GO x10 series apparently) compared to the previously required Bluetooth GPRS Phone setup for the ONE devices. We should hear more about the ONE XL during the CeBIT show starting on the 15th, in the meantime you can catch up with this thread of the "News Forums" for more comments and pictures.

Updated February 19th - TomTom stunned GPS followers and investors earlier this year when they switched their ONE family of entry-level AIOs from the SiRFstarIII chipset to the Globallocate Hammerhead chipset and the big question was whether and how it would affect the "user experience" that had previously been excellent...... This 5 page article looks at the move from all angles, with TomTom ONE v2/v3 side by side comparisons to try to come up with an answer and the news are good.

Updated February 8th - As can be seen in "GpsPasSion Live", a TomTom ONE "New Edition" (v3) unit has come in for testing. This is TomTom's first device with a "non-SiRF" GPS chipset (see details below). Some thorough testing is planned over the next few days, but some first comments and pictures are available in this thread of the "News" forums...

..., particularly on how to recognize them from the outside, it isn't easy !

Updated January 8th, 2007 - TomTom and Globallocate chose the first day of the 2007 CES Show (see the "Live" Blog) to announce that the forthcoming TomTom ONE "V3" will be powered by Globallocate's hosted Hammerhead chipset with its optional AGPS over the internet. It will also have 1Gb of built-in flash memory for convenient map storage, but the big news here is the partnership between TomTom and Globallocate that had been rumoured since mid-December.

Globallocate are best known for their GL20000 chipset that powered the HP hw6515 and hw6915 PDAPhones with uneven performance, but it was said to be a SiRFstarII equivalent, in comparison the Hammerhead chipset has much more correlation power. I was able to test an early version of the Hammerhead in January 2006 in San Jose and it was quite impressive.

The ONE v3 is announced for January and in the meantime, you can use this thread of the "GPS and Mobile News" forums to discuss.

Updated September 8th, 2006 - The TomTom ONE "New Edition" is now available at Amazon (aff.) and it was announced for Europe too last week at the IFA show in Berlin...... with two versions, a country/regional version with TeleAtlas 2006.4 maps at €299 and a Pan-European version with Navteq Q1/2006 maps at €399.

One "bonus" of the webmaster meeting in Amsterdam last week was being outfitted with a TomTom ONE MkII "New Edition" and I have made good use of it for some side by side testing with the GO910 and ONE MkI; you can click here for pictures, comments and preliminary conclusions.

Posted 08/17/2006 - North America did not get the ONE in late 2005 but Europe and it went on to become very successful there, but North America is now getting the ONE mkII, while it has yet to be announced in Europe. It takes after the ONE mkI of course with a SiRFstarIII GPS module, bluetooth for access to the PLUS services via a Bluetooth phone and GPRS, 3.5" screen...

..., but has been slimmed down in quite a bit : ONE mkI - 110 x 89 x 34 mm, 260 grams and ONE mkII - 97 x 81 x 25, 184 grams

MSRP has been set at $499 and you can use this thread of the forums on GpsPasSion to discuss.

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