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GPS Trackers - Garmin's turnkey GTU-10 available - Testing
Posté le 22 mars 2011 à 21:39:00 par gpspassion. EN - Tracking Systems
Source : Gpspassion

Posted March 22nd, 2011
GPS trackers have been available for a while as can be seen below but they had always lacked a user-friendly turnkey solution...that is until Garmin's GTU 10 that was announced at CES. It is now shipping for $200 with one year of standard service included.

The GTU-10 is a complete solution that includes a diminutive device with a SIM card (AT&T newtork in the US) and likely powered by the SiRFstarIV chipset, and access to a complete location server either from a brower or via smartphone apps (android and iPhone). A test unit has made it to the "GpsPasSion Labs" and first impressions have been posted in the [TOPIC] Garmin GTU-10 Tracker - Testing in the "Live GPS Tracking Systems" forums.

Updated October 3rd, 2006 - The TR-101 is now available for purchase at US Globalsat and at Semsons where the 10% off for GpsPasSion Club members applies. You can read my review of this unique Phone/GPS Tracker combination, including some field testing with a...

... 5 year old !

Updated 08/07 - The Globalsat TR-101/202 trackers were first heard of at the end of 2005 and then shown at the CES Show in Las Vegas in January. The TR-101 relies on the SMS technique for easy personal tracking, while the TR-102 uses GPRS for direct communication with a server and will require a "back-end" implementation. Both can also act as normal phones to take calls as well as "quick dial" three programmable numbers....

You can click here to catch up with my first steps with the TR-101, an exciting new device that breaks new ground in the field of personal tracking made easy.

Updated 01/13/2006 - One of the new products discovered at the CES2006 show is a new version of the G-19B micro-tracker using the SiRFstarIII chipset, while the original one relied on a Furuno design. The power of SiRFIII should come in handy for such tracking use that typically takes place in challenging environments for GPS. Sanav have also launched the......PDATrack software to allow for real time tracking of the G-19B from a PDAPhone. You can use this thread of the forums to discuss...Tracking seems to be becoming a "hot topic" lately and we've discussed hardware based tracking solutions such as the SaNav G19 (see below), but they remain very expensive for casual use. With the new PDAPhones and even GPS PDAPhones like the HP hw6515, personal tracking is becoming cheaper and easier. It's good fun of course, but also helpful to have your relatives or friends see how a trip is progressing. I for one don't leave home for a long trip without activating my software based tracker.

...Posted 08/24/2004 - The G-19 by San Jose Navigation (Sanav), is the first member of a new family in the GPS world, micro-trackers. Simply insert a GSM phone SIM card in the diminutive G-19 (only 74cc like the Emtac BT GPS) and it will be able to transmit your position, speed, heading, etc...via SMS......If the concept is straightforward, to be efficient, it must meet certain criteria such as small size, ease of use, autonomy.

I'm preparing an article on the G-19, but I can already say that I've been quite impressed by my first test runs. I had placed the G-19 in the glove box of a friend's car and I was able to query the G19 by calling it and even got notified automatically thanks to the "parking" mode when the he got started again after attending a show. There also is an "alarm" button that will emit a sound and send your position.

If you have questions, head to this thread in the new "Tracking Systems" forums.

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