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Nav'N'Go launch iGO Primo GPS Software : Easy, Advanced
Posté le 10 mars 2010 à 16:42:00 par gpspassion. EN - Software
Source : Gpspassion

Updated March 10th, 2010
After iGo in 2006, iGO 8 in 2008 and iGO amigo/My way in 2009, here comes iGO primo that Nav n Go just announced at the CeBIT show in Hanover, Germany. It is OEM software, which means it will come pre-installed on GPS systems.

iGo primo relies on the simple iGO amigo/My way interface but benefits from new advanced features such as driver alerts, terrain view, etc...It will have to be judged in the field as there is nothing very spectacular on paper. You can use the Nav n Go launch iGo primo - Easy, Advanced topic of the "GPS and Mobile News" forums to discuss.

Updated August 31st, 2009 - Nav'N'Go came to the "GPS spotlight" in early 2006 with the release of iGO 2006 that we quickly dubbed here the "Liquid Navigator" as it offered a fluid map display that was unseen at the time and that remains largely unchallenged today. Then came iGO 8 with terrain view and 3D buildings...and then came the split with Mio in early 2008 following the purchase of Navman by Mitac...

... the parent company of Mio. Mio's marketshare has since dipped in Europe, they've virtually exited the US marked and Nav'N'Go must be hurting too...

Moving back to the performance of the GPS software, iGo was often critisized as being too complex to understand and to use on the road. Nav'N'Go listened and came up with iGO Amigo, based on the same powerful engine but with a streamlined UI. It has not been released as standalone software but has instead been pre-installed on GPS systems by Nextar, Navon, Invion...and has now made it to the spotlight by being released on the Apple iPhone. You can join the [GUIDE] Navigation Systems with iGo AMIGO topic in the forums to discuss Amigo.

Posted November 24th, 2006 - The iGO navigation software has been the subject of many discussions since it was first announced in 2005 and while its availability has remained limited under the iGo brand it found its audience under the MioMap v3 name, C210/C510/C710 in Europe and C310x in the US. With a public beta of iGo 2006SE under way, we thought it would be a good time to share our thoughts on the iGO 2006 USA version and this is what Chris did in this this comprehensive review....... Enjoy !

Posted May 8th, 2006 - Thanks to Steve672 for pointing out that iGO 2006 had been released. This new PocketPC and WinCE AIO GPS software comes from Eastern Europe and is a PDAMill design, famous games editors for the PocketPC platform and they've put this experience to good use for iGO that isn't like anything I'd seen before. I've been using it for a few weeks and it feels like a video game with it's crisp graphics, wealth of animations and led based tuning, but does not fail when it comes to proving efficient guidance. We once had "liquid audio", we now have "liquid GPS"...

iGo offers impressive auto 2D/3D auto switching, seen in "Fly Over" mode
Click on the picture to play the video
... You can use this thread of the forums to discuss.

Lu : 18761 | Suite de l'article... ( mots)

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