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Crossover GPS - Garmin launch Montana : Off-Road and Road
Posté le 19 mai 2011 à 18:49:00 par gpspassion. EN - Crossover
Source : Gpspassion

Posted May 19th, 2011
The Crossover GPS concept sounds good on paper as it would provide guidance both on the road and on the path/air/sea. Several manufacturers have given it a try but with limited success. Garmin is probably hoping the new Montana GPS Range announced on their blog yesterday.

It does look like the Montana is a comprehensive mix of the nüvi/road and Oregon/handheld. We'll have to wait to discover the software part in detail, but the hardware is certainly impressive: large 4" screen, 16/9 ratio, loudspeaker in mount for vocal guidance, portrait and landscape switching, battery pack or AAs, camera, etc...You can join the [NEWS] Garmin launch Montana : Road + Handheld GPS topic in the "GPS and Mobile News" to discuss.

Posted November 3rd, 2009 - With the market for car-only GPS systems in turmoil due to fierce competition, price wars and announcements (see below), Garmin are continuing to push "crossover" models, the sports sytems, the "nuvi for the Sea" and now the aera 5x0 family of...

... GPS systems, the 500, 510, 550 and 560 with various options and priced between $875 and $2199.

The new "aera" models replace the venerable GPSMAP96, 96C or 196 systems and add a touchscreen, always a challenge when you need to maintain readability in bright environments. They come preloaded with CityNavigator road maps to "go from runways to roadways". You can use the Garmin Aera 5x0 : Aviation/Auto GPS w/ touchscreen started by "deltatango" in the "Garmin Advanced Navigation Systems" forums.

Posted October 13th, 2008 - Crossover devices always look good on paper but don't always do well in the field or with users, as appears to be the case with the road/off-road nüvi 5x0 launched by Garmin last fall. Here come another breed of crossovers, the land/sea GPSMAP 620 and 640 that have been dubbed the "nüvi for the sea". They have a lot going for themselves with their ultra bright and...

... ultra high resolution (800x480) screen, 9 hour battery life, 3D map view, tide tables, auto guidance, XM WX Weather (640 only), TTS, etc...Forum member andreadegi has just replaced his 276c by the 620 and shares in detail his "pros and cons" in the GPSMAP 640 and 620 (Nüvi for the sea) topic of the forums.

Posted July 23rd, 2008 - Almost two years after Magellan launched the CrossoverGPS, Garmin have just announced their own nüvi 500 and nüvi 550 "do it all" GPS systems, whether you drive, hike, bike or boat...

...more on that below. The 500 and 550 only appear to differ in map coverage options, continental road maps for the 550 and regional road + topo maps for the 500 in America and regional road maps in Europe.

While a GPS system that can be used at all times has to be a good thing, a closer look at the new models shows that they have very little in the way of new "off-road" features compared to "standard" nüvis. Other than a "compass page" that relies on the GPS sensor, there doesn't appear to be any waypoint/track/route management one expects from a basic "off-road" system. Garmin will have to make sure they market these new systems properly to avoid disappointed customers, and with a confusing line-up of 34 nüvis and counting, this may not be easy! You can use this topic of the "nüvi forums" to discuss.

Posted March 28th, 2006 - Garmin has just announced two new Marine AIO's (All in One systems), the 378 et le 478. They take after the 276C (3.8" Hi Res color screen viewable in the sun but not touch operated, removable battery, external speaker) that was popular with sailors but not only as it can also be used on the road, a genuine "mixed" system, as the 296C is for pilots...


New and imroved on the 378/478:
- Preloaded maps (lakes and roads for the 378, ocean and roads for the 478) in the built-in memory instead of the proprietary Garmin cards
- Option to connect an XM receiver for weather broadcasts (already available on the 376)
- Car mount included

The big improvement is the built-in memory of course, which is likely the 2Gb flash memory already seen on the Quest 2. You can use this thread to discuss.

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