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Traffic Information and GPS in America - TomTom launch HD Traffic with OpenLR
Posté le 13 janvier 2011 à 16:36:00 par gpspassion. EN - Connected GPS
Source : Gpspassion

Updated January 13th, 2011
The battle for the best traffic information rages on in North America with Inrix, Navteq, Clearchannel, TrafficCast, Airsage, etc...all claiming better coverage and data. Forum member offthegrid is working on a summary. Let's focus here on TomTom's HD Traffic launched in North America last week and for which the GpsPasSion Team tried to get a better understanding during a discussion at CES last week.

Unlike in Europe where TomTom have partnered with Vodafone since 2008 to get access to anonymous GSM tracks and derive traffic data using the algorithms developed by Applied Generics, HD traffic is built in America using "Advanced IQ Routes", GPS probes (TomTom for iPhone, LIVE AIOs) and external providers. To place the incidents precisely on the map they are using OpenLR that increases potential coverage from 0.5 million miles for TMC codes to 6 million miles! You can read the full report in the [TOPIC] TomTom's HD Traffic Service - 2011 Update topic of the "Traffic Information" forums.

Updated December 23rd, 2009 - Traffic information on GPS systems is a recurring topic in the forums, with users often complaining that they were not alerted of traffic problems or alerted of non-existent problems. Traffic is a moving target and it's hard to make head or tails of what's going on exactly, so detail oriented users will be interested to read SergZak's Garmin Traffic : Clear Channel vs Navteq as he...

... gives some clues on how to decipher the technical details behind traffic information broadcasts.

Updated April 2nd, 2009 - Longtime forum member, Mort, has been on a mission to find the best possible traffic information service available on GPS systems. He ran some first comparisons in 2006, quickly picking the Garmin SP 7200 with XM Navtraffic, then pitted it against MSN Direct and Dash in May of last year, and it stayed on top. Fast forward to March 2009 and he revisited this comparison using MSN, TMC and the internet connected Telenav Shotgun. Well as far as he's concerned on his...

... Los Angeles routes, XM NavTraffic is still what he wants. You can join us in the XM vs. Dash, MSN, TMC, & Connected GPS - 04/2009 of the "Traffic Information" to discuss.

Updated July 16th, 2007 - After being launched in Europe in 2002 and in the US in 2005, Traffic information via RDS TMC is now available in Canada and forum member traffinfo has ben experimenting with the hidden menus of his Garmin C550...... Garmin has clarified that using actual traffic data will require an update, but the jury is still out on whether it will be a firmware or map update. It will likely be the latter as decoding traffic events requires the presence of TMC tables.

Updated December 6th, 2005 - We've had some detailed user reports on the recently launched Traffic Info feeds broadcast over RDS/FM (Garmin and Cobra) but these same feeds can also be used with an internet connection...... (GPRS on the road) with TomTom and Paul has given them a try on his Treo 650. While the interface is well designed and helps the driver get a a good handle on the situation, he found that the underliying traffic data had some failings, click here for the full "mini-review" in the Traffic forums.

Updated 10/14 Traffic is "in" these days, and after the Cobra 4500, you can see what it looks like on the Garmin 2720 here or here. Those who don't feel like pulling apart their dashboard to connect the GTM10 to their car antenna will also find tips on how to build a portable antenna with off the shelf Radio Shack parts.

For good measure a link showing TMC coverage in the USA has been added in the "Traffic Information (TMC)" forums...

Posted 10/12
One of the new features of the Garmin family of GPS solutions announced in July (news) was the availability of the optional GTM10 TMC module to integrate live traffic data broadcast over FM/RDS to the 2720 and C340 "all-in-one's". While TMC has been in use in Europe for several years, in car systems and PDA navigation solutions (FM/RDS for Navigon, Destinator and Alturion or GPRS for TomTom) this was a first in the US where it seemed that traffic information over satellite radio was going to be the main source after being the first out of the gate (news).

The question of course was how well it would work and if it was worth the cost of the GTM10 module and then the subscritption fees after a year. Thanks to site member vonhasch who just started using it on the road and sharing his first impressions we already have a few answers.

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