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Garmin GPS : New v2.60 of POI-Loader - Adding your own POIs
Posté le 20 janvier 2011 à 15:06:00 par gpspassion. EN - "All in One" Solutions
Source : Gpspassion

Updated January 20th, 2011
Being able to add your own POIs (Point of Interest) is one of the top features of a GPS system after turn by turn guidance and traffic information. Not only can you add your personal spots, but also speed cameras, stores, parks, etc...from lists available on the web, such as those from the section of the forums...

...the bad news is that many of today's navigation systems don't let you add POIs anymore. This is the case of all the smartphone applications, be they for iPhone or Android, and of the new TomTom "Nav 3" AIOs too. The "excuse" you hear is that they have "Google Local" but experience shows that there is missing information and worse the location can be badly off! In this environment it's good to see Garmin keeping that powerful feature alive on their AIOs (not available on StreetPilot for iPhone though) and updating the POI-Loader PC/MAC tool that let's you add them. More details in the POI Loader for Garmin Systems - v2.6.0 topic of the forums.

Updated April 4th, 2007 - Mac users had to bide their time, but Garmin made good on their promise to release an Apple Mac version of their popular POI-Loader and WebUpdater tools. You can use this thread and this thread, respectively, to discuss these new versions....

Updated November 28th, 2006 - While Garmin has mentioned Apple MAC support a few times before, it seems the kinks are still being worked out as a software suite has yet to be released, particularly for POI support. In the meantime, the nuvipassion community has come up with workarounds and Simon has recently made MakeGPI available to transfer POIs to Garmin AIOs using a Mac...... Also make sure you check out Dan's Guide for firmware upgrades on a Mac.

Posted July 30th 2005 - While not very popular in the US so far, POI alerts have been the "killer app" of GPS in Europe over the past couple of years. It might as well be clarified that the said POIs are speed cameras whose position people have been finding useful to be made aware of by their GPS system. Navigation solutions by Navigon, Navman or TomTom already had this feature and it is now Garmin's turn to add it......, notably to the C320/C330 family of receivers.

You can join this discussion thread to share tips on how to use this feature and import other types of POIs as well.

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