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MSN Direct to fold in 2012 - Get a Refund for Garmin GPS Subscription
Posté le 30 octobre 2009 à 14:22:00 par gpspassion. EN - Connected GPS
Source : Gpspassion

Updated October 30th, 2009
The recent launch of the nuLink Service for the nuvi 1690 and nuvifone cast a shadow on the future of the MSN Direct service transmitted over FM. We'll never know if Garmin moved away from MSN Direct because they knew of its upcoming demise or whether MSN Direct called it a day because Garmin moved on, but the bottom line is that the MSN Direct service available on the nuvi x8x models will fold in 2012.

Originally the service was guaranteed until the end of 2011 so there is a slight "bonus". MSN Direct are also doing the right thing by offering a refund to recent subscribers while allowing them access until it folds. More details in the No more MSN Direct after 2012 topic of the Garmin nuvi forums.

Updated January 14th, 2008 - Wile it was the buzz of the 2008 CES show, "connected GPS" navigation is nothing new, it first started with the low bandwidth RDS FM for simple trafic information, then GPRS for Traffic and last spring Garmin introduced MSN Direct on the nüvi 680 and SP 580 models. Traffic was improved with traffic flow data in some areas and it added Gas prices, weather reports and movie listings. Now Garmin are launching MSN Direct v2 with enhanced features such as stock prices, news, local events and a send to GPS feature. Unfortunately...

... the nüvi 680 and SP580 are not getting the update for now, but no need to wait for the new x80 models as the current nüvi 7xx series outiftted with the optional MSN Direct GDB50 receiver is getting a free upgrade. More details and screenshots in this topic of the nüvi forums.

Updated November 7th, 2006 - Microsoft have just added 3D to "Live Search" as their online mapping/LBS services now seem to be called (ex-MSN Earth and Windows Live Local for those keeping track), you'll need the latest version of Windows XP though to install the plugin. You can see what it looks like in this thread of the forums...

...As a side-note, I've been looking up potential vacation housing in the San Francisco Bay Area and I'm really finding the "Bird's Eye" view to be superb, best part is that you can rotate the view to get North/East/South/West views, for a true "Bird's Eye View".

Updated June 17th, 2006 - Microsoft have been staying flexible with their online mapping services, changing the name from MSN Earth to Windows Live Local but also adding services not available from their immediate competition, such as an impressive "Bird's eye View" of select cities and now Traffic. The traffic information comes from and covers 40 metros with apparently the full details also available via Navteq Traffic. More details in this thread of the Traffic forums.......Updated 12/16/2005 - Change of focus at Microsoft ? In their own words: "We've changed our name, changed our look, and added lots of new features!" - More details here...
Updated 09/08 - Google Maps has Mobile GMaps for Symbian based Smartphones and now MSN Earth has PocketEarth for Windows Mobile PDAs and Smartphones (soon to be all called "phones" under WM5.0) as seen here running on the HP6515 (GPS support requires WM5.0 it seems). You can download it from Jason Langridge's weblog and discuss in this thread of the "MS Streets & Trips, AutoRoute, and MapPoint" forums...

Updated 07/25
Virtual Earth has been launched! While some areas have stunning aerial maps (check out San Jose's Tech Museum) and there is an interesting "Locate Me" feature that works with WiFi details) or via your IP, the features are still close to those of Google Maps that recently added hybrid road/satellite maps...
...More details in this thread of the forums.

Posted 06/16
We recently talked about Google's impressive Google MAPS and it seems Microsfoft has/had been paying attention if the announcement of MSN Virtual Earth is anything to go by...

While GPS is still not part of the equation, the feature list is comprehensive and takes things quite a bit further than "Google Maps" with multiple angle aerial photographs, satellite images with street map overlays, the integration of traffic and weather patterns, etc...

Virtual Earth is being tested as a closed beta and is scheduled for release by the end of the summer, in the meantime you can use this thread to discuss it.

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