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Customizing your WinCE GPS : MioPocket v4.0 and MioPocket Mini
Posté le 24 septembre 2010 à 22:47:00 par gpspassion. EN - "All in One" Solutions
Source : Gpspassion

Updated September 24th, 2010
With 237 forum pages under its belt, Osprey's MioPocket v3 retired with MioPocket 4.0 (Unlock for GPS devices) taking over. New features include a new shell that scales to any resolution, touch scrolling, an iPhone like lockscreen, 14 new games, etc...

Always on the lookout for user feedback, Osprey has just launched MioPocket Mini 4.0 (Simple Unlock for GPS Devices), which as its name implies is a stripped down version of MioPocket (fewer apps, dll's, etc...) but that retains its essential features (scaling, swiping, video and music player, etc...). Enjoy !

Updated June 2nd, 2009 - We've come a long way since the fist customization attempts were made on the Bluemedia and Mio AIOs in early 2005. Customizing being the action of gaining access to the operating system, WinCE in this case, to add new functionality such as movie players or Off-Road navigation software like OziCE. In April 2008 forum member Osprey automated the manual steps involved with his MioPocket 2.0 package that went on to generate a...

... 415 page topic in the forums! So for the arrival of MioPocket 3.0 he started a new topic that's already reached 12 pages. Join it before it grows any larger !

Updated January 1st, 2006 - Starting 2006 with a blast with the "customization" of the Magellan Roadmate 800 that can now be turned into a full WindowsCE4.2 mobile terminal (as were the MIOs and Medions earlier this year) with the ability to play DivX movies or be used for "Off-Road" GPS with 5Gb of room to spare to store maps and movies and an option to speed it up by 75% from 300Mhz to 530Mhz...

... Click here for the instructions and to download the customization kit.

Updated 12/27 - Thanks to yannco who shares the news of a firmware upgrade for the Magellan Roadmate 800 from v1.00 to v1.04 with quite a few interesting improvements. Click here for more details.

Updated 09/23 - Thanks to SELI for sharing the news that information had been posted on two new Magellan Roadmates, the Roadmate 360 and the Roadmate 800. While the 360 seems to be a 300 with continuous coverage of the USA, the 800 adds many new interesting features to the 760 that it will likely replace. New are an integrated battery for portability, MP3 music player and photo viewer and a "rounder" design. You can read about it and share comments in this thread of the Magellan forums......Posted 06/12 - Thanks to Tbird for catching the arrival of the new Roadmate 760 that comes after the RM500 and RM700... in February 2004 and the RM300 in September 2004.

New on board are:
- 20Gb HD with detailed coverage of the USA and Western Europe
- Software enhancements : auto day/night mode, SmartDetour (rerouting in case of a blocked road), SmartVolume (auto adjust based on speed)...

You can read about it and share comments in this thread of the Magellan forums.

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