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MWC 2010 : CSR and SiRF to show SiRFStarIV - GpsPasSion on Location
Posté le 12 février 2010 à 00:52:00 par gpspassion. EN - Tradeshows
Source : Gpspassion

Updated February 11th, 2010
Five years ago the SiRFstarIII GPS chipset was launched at the 3GSM Show in forward to 2010 and the 3GSM has become the MWC that takes place in Barcelona, and CSR who merged with SiRF in early 2009 will be showing the SiRFStarIV platform there next week.

Now that we've caught our breath, let's recall that we've already discussed SiRFstarIV a chip designed specifically for smartphones with a powerful "GPS engine" that we tested on SiRFAtlasIV. GpsPaSion will be on location to report on it as well as on the other GPS and LBS related novelties. Stay tuned on GpsPasSion Live ( or the reactivated twitter feed and the [NEWS] Reporting from MWC 2010 topic of the "GPS and Mobile News" forums where you can post questions and comments.

Posted February 12th, 2005 - Not at the glamorous film festival but at the more "techie" 3GSM Tradeshow that opens on Monday and that will be covered in GpsPasSion Live. This is where SiRF announced the SiRFstarIII architecture last year and now come the actual devices. No less than 11 of these will be on display according to a press release issued by SiRF today (see here for the full release). GpsPasSion visitors will be familiar with the Leadtek 9553...

... (news), the Globalsat BT-338 (news and first impressions) or the Holux GR-236 (news), but others will receive their public premiere, such as the Royaltek RBT-1100, the Navian G2, the Leadtek 9700 (first "all-in-one" with SSIII), or the people locators by SK Telekom, Compal.

A lot to look forward to, so stay tuned to GpsPasSion Live starting on Monday !

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