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GPS Maps - Magellan launch Map Update Subscriptions - Discount till 04/30
Posté le 26 avril 2011 à 19:00:00 par gpspassion. EN - General News
Source : Gpspassion

Updated April 26th, 2011
After switching from Navteq to TeleAtlas for the maps of their GPS systems last November (see below), Magellan recently launched their own Map Subscriptions programs.

They are available as a Lifetime Subscription for $100 or a One Year Subscription for $50. They are discounted to $80 and $40, respectively, until April 30th. While Magellan mention "up to (4) new map releases within one year", there are some concerns as there have been no new maps over the past 6 months...You can use the [TOPIC] Magellan launch Map Update Subscriptions topic in the "Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs" to discuss.

Updated November 4th, 2010 - While Navteq maps vs TeleAtlas maps was a hot topic of debate a few years ago (see below), it had mostly become a non-issue as their quality had become quite comparable in Europe and in North America, notably after TomTom introduced IQ Routes in 2008. An unexpected move by Magellan from Navteq to TeleAtlas may reopen the debate...


Based on feedback in the forums, Magellan appear to be in the process of moving their GPS systems from the Navteq map database to the TeleAtlas map database with the latest v41 maps that ship with the Roadmate 3045 GPS. This shouldn't be a problem on paper, but forum member volant99 found that the suggested routes were not satifactory. You can use the Warning : Magellan have changed to TeleAtlas (v41) in the "Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs" forums to discuss.

Updated October 10th, 2006 - Likely encouraged by the growing consumer interest in GPS Assisted Navigation, Navteq and TeleAtlas are both continuing to expand their coverage. Navteq recently announced full coverage for South Africa, Australia and Finland - more details in the Navteq Coverage thread and TeleAtlas announced a joint venture in Indonesia - more details in the TeleAtlas Coverage thread......

Don't forget the Navteq vs TeleAtlas feedback thread in the mapping forums, if you want to share first hand comparisons.

Updated 04/25 - After satellite coverage of the world, detailed map coverage of the US and the UK, Google now cover most of EUROPE using TeleAtlas map data while they use Navteq map data in the US, keeping everyone happy, or reflecting the respective quality of data in these areas maybe...


...Which leads us to this thread in the mapping forums, where we can compare both map sources worldwide and see if we can do better than the usual "NT is Best"/"TA is Best" arguments that come up regularly.

Updated 03/25/2006 - After java to browse Google Maps on the go, it is now possible to use a GPS to pinpoint your position, this is what J2MEMap has on offer. ...It even works with the JSR179 java location API, so that means it can connect to the built-in SiRFstarIII GPS of the Siemens SXG 75 and possibly to the GPS of the Blackberry 7520 too.

Updated 07/05/2005 - When it's not Google adding new services we need to keep up with, it's third parties developping applications around them. The latest is Mobile GMaps a java based application that runs on mobile phones. I tried it on my Nokia 6600 and was quite impressed, more details in the forums...

Updated 06/28
Likely to make sure that everyone is keeping up with their frantic pace of new services, Google have launched Google Earth, "A 3D interface to the planet". This is the technology they purchased with Keyhole last year and it is very impressive, type in any city on earth and you will "fly" there as fast as your PC and internet collection will allow you to......! More details here.

Updated 04/05
Google maps keeps getting better and now you can litteraly fly over most of North America with the addition of satellite imagery with various levels of resolution. Looks like the Empire State Building is feeling a bit "tipsy turvy" too ;-)...
... More details here .

Updated 02/17
Maps can never do without a GPS for very long and site visitor Frenzon from Australia, has created an add-on that will center your position on Google's maps, details HERE !

Posted 02/08
After the Google Toolbar, Google Gmail, Google Desktop, Google continues...
... to develop nifty online tools. The lastest in the series is Google MAPS (beta) that lets you zoom and scroll around maps with your mouse as if they were located on your hard drive as well as search for POIs (Points of Interest) around the position centered on the screen. Directions can also be computed and clicking on the list of turns will show a pop-up window with full map detail.

Available for the US and Canada so far. Check it out !

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