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TomTom GPS Add-Ons : Tripmaster and Offroad v3 for Navcore 9
Posté le 02 février 2010 à 16:04:00 par gpspassion. EN - "All in One" Solutions
Source : Gpspassion

Updated February 2nd, 2010
TomTom still haven't reinstated their SDK program, but new tricks have been found to make "plug-ins" work with the latest Navcore versions, currently v9.

Longtime forum member Roussillat has taken advantage of these finds to release Tripmaster v3.1 and Offroad Navigator v3.0 to respectively let TomTom users enjoy a full trip computer (still missing by default except on the Rider) and navigate to waypoints with raster map backgrounds. You can use the Tripmaster and Offroad Navigator v3 work with v9 topic in the forums on GpsPasSion to discuss.

Updated May 11th, 2009 - Many had been enjoying Roussillat's plugins on their TomTom GO AIO, Tripmaster, Offroad, Nmealogger, to navigate towards a waypoint, or record tracks to view a trip on Google Maps/Earth or geocode pictures, unfortunately TomTom discontinued their SDK a couple of years ago and this broke compatibility with most plugins...Good news, developers generally being on the stubborn side, Roussillat was able to make Tripmaster work on TomTom's latest Navcore...

... 8 software platform without an SDK and has recently updated it to v2.4. You can use the Tripmaster v2 is available and works with v8 to discuss it with its author.

Updated July 4th, 2008 - Since the end of 2005 TomTom GPS systems can be used off of the beaten path with Roussilat's excellent add-ons, Tripmaster, Offroad, Nmealogger, to navigate towards a waypoint, or record tracks to view a trip on Google Maps/Earth or geocode pictures. One problem remained, Static Navigation set to "ON" by default for a better experience on the road but with a position frozen at low speeds, typically on foot. This is where the StatNav add-on programmed by forum member oyvindk comes in to allow one-click switching from "StatNav ON" to "StatNav OFF" and vice versa...

... This will work on all SiRFstarIII based TomTom GPS systems (GO x10/x20/x30, ONE v1/v2a). You will find detailed explanations by the authro and the download link in this topic of the forums on GpsPasSion.

Updated June 29th, 2006 - The TomTom GO AIOs have become great companions on the road for many, but they lack some more "traditional" GPS features such as a trip computer or the "good old" waypoint approach for "as the crow flies" guidance. Not so anymore thanks to roussillat's Tripmaster, Offroad Navigator and ReverseItn add-ons. More details in...

... this thread of the forums on GpsPasSion.

Updated 02/12/2006 - The TomTom GO family of AIO's (All In One's) has met with a lot of success in Europe and in the US since it was first announced at the CeBIT2004 show, but some missed the lack of "customization" possibilities as with the WinCE4.2 AIO's (see this article), but they can now try the OpenTom MP3 Player that plays MP3s of course but also offers some insight on the way the ASN/Accelerometer works, catch up with this thread of the forums for more details...

Updated 05/05/2005 - Paul updated his TomTom GO to v5 recently and quite like what he found, still easy to use, yet with more powerful features - click here for the full article

Posted 12/01/04 Paul, who has been a moderator of our forums for more than two years, shares the perspective of an experienced PocketPC GPS after spending some time with the TomTom GO, an "all in one" GPS solution...

..., side by side with his PDA based navigation systems. The complete review is here with live screenshots of the GO on the road. GPS made easy!

Lu : 18371 | Suite de l'article... ( mots)

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