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GPS around the World - Make your own Maps with Mobile Atlas Creator
Posté le 01 février 2011 à 17:36:00 par gpspassion. EN - GPS around the World
Source : Gpspassion

Updated February 1st, 2011
Being able to make your own maps is a dream for many GPS users and while you can't really make routable maps, it is now easy to make raster maps for off-road navigation. Google MV led the way four years ago and now Mobile Atlas Creator takes it many steps further.

For a start you can pick from 36 sources from online maps, from Google's Map/Satellite/Terrain, to Terraserver (Microsoft Research Maps), MyTopo USA, OpenStreetMap Hiking, etc...and you can cut maps for no less than 25 applications/platforms, Garmin handheld receivers, Smartphone applications like OruxMaps or Androzic, etc...A dream come true! You can use the [GUIDE] Mobile Atlas Creator : make your maps topic in the "Maps and POIs" forums to discuss.

Updated July 21st, 2008 - GPS positionning is global, GPS raster maps (satellite, topo) are global and road maps (vector) are taking a step in that direction too with the availablility of City Navigator China NT 2008 for Garmin systems. It's likely the upcoming...

... Olympics were a large incentive to make them available, but this is a stunning achievement given the area to cover and the claim of "detailed coverage". When you look closer they clarify that you get "Street level detail" for 980 cities and complete intertown road network, but this still impressive. You can use this topic of the forums to discuss.

Updated August 19th, 2006 - While many GPS systems now offer coverage for both sides of the Atlantic, coverage in other areas remains rare and generally requires a switch to "Moving Map", something you generally can't do with an AIO. Thanks to forum member Freebird's recent discovery, users of Garmin units can easily add a full routable worldwide basemap with major highways. Details and user feedback in this thread of...

... the forums.

Updated 05/17/05 - After writing about GPS navigation in Israel in part I, igurevich38 tells us all about the trip around the world he undertook this spring with and...without a GPS in this detailed article. A truly amazing experience that spanned 28 days and 9 countries from Germany to China via Denmark, with his GPS equipment coming into harm's way...

...Posted 10/15/04
One of the best things about GPS is that it knows no borders, wherever you are on earth, you can rely on more than a third of the 28 satellites orbiting the earth. This new "GPS around the World" file...... will share GPS experiences outside of the classic North America/Western Europe areas as well as the World Map Database and "cross-cultural" experiences.

Kicking off the series are igurevich38's comprehensive dual Road Software / Off-Road Software articles about GPS Assisted Navigation in Israel. For road software he used the local version of Destinator 3 and his off-road software was OziExplorer.

We have Australia lined up and if you would like to join in the fun from your part of the world or if you've used a GPS outside your homeland, drop a line in this discussion thread.

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