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TomTom for iPhone : New v1.6 available with MapShare and fixed POI Icons
Posté le 20 décembre 2010 à 12:20:00 par gpspassion. EN - Smartphone GPS
Source : Gpspassion

Updated December 20th, 2010
TomTom have just released a new version of their TomTom for iPhone software now at v1.6 with new maps and new features.

The main new feature is MapShare that lets users correct map errors on the fly and share them with other users of TomTom GPS systems. Version v1.6 also fixes the missing icon problem for personal POIs. You can use the [TOPIC] TomTom for iPhone - Testing - v1.6 of the " GPS on the Apple iPhone and iPad -" forums to discuss.

Updated October 19th, 2010 - It took a while but v1.5 of TomTom's iPhone application (App version 8.300) is now available as a free update for existing users via iTunes. As expected, the new features announced at IFA in September made the cut...

... : navigation to a geocoded picture, new maps (v855/2010.06 TeleAtlas) and iPhone 4 optimization (based on forum member wombat94's feedback), unfortunately it also prevents the use of custom POI icons. You can use the [TOPIC] TomTom for iPhone - Testing - v1.5 of the " GPS on the Apple iPhone and iPad -" forums to discuss.

In related news, the free Car Kit iPhone 4 adapter has arrived in Europe but has still not shown up at my door, has it arrived for anyne in the US ?

Updated June 22nd, 2010 - TomTom announced a forthcoming v1.5 update for TomTom for iPhone last week during the IFA show in Berlin, new features include navigating to geocoded pictures, new maps (the v855/TeleAtlas 2010.06 maps made available for TomTom AIOs last week) and iPhone 4 optimizations (Retina resolution, GPS accuracy, faster menus, etc...)......Talking of the iPhone 4, the TomTom Car Kit is now shipping with an iPhone 4 adapter that replaces for the better the contraptions users had to come up with to make it work. Kudos to TomTom who are also taking free orders for existing owners of the Car Kit. You can use the [TOPIC] TomTom Car Kit for iPhone - Reviewed topic in the forums to discuss.

Updated June 22nd, 2010 - TomTom for iPhone v1.4 is now available via iTunes and adds full compatibility with the new "backgrounding" feature of iOS 4 that was rolled out yesterday for the legacy devices and that will power the upcoming iPhone 4. It also has new maps...... (TeleAtlas 2010.03 based v850 maps) and numerous new features : Navigate to Coordinates, “Share your Route”, Night View Menus, Select Car icons, etc...More details in the TomTom for iPhone - Testing - v1.4 topic of the forums.

Updated March 16th, 2010 - TomTom for iPhone v1.3 is now available via iTunes and it has new maps (TeleAtlas 2009.12 based v8.45) and "connected" features at last, a must for "the" connected platform. Some are free, such as Google Local and some are for pay, such as HD Traffic...

HD Traffic was launched in Europe in late 2008 and in the USA in 2009 on the LIVE (connected) PNDs to leverage the additional bandwidth of GPRS compared to RDS TMC. Unfortunately TomTom for iPhone does not offer Traffic in as many regions as the PNDs. Where it is available the pricing is rather steep compared to CoPilot or Navigon : €6/month, €15/3 months, or €50/year. You can use the TomTom for iPhone - Testing - v1.3 topic of the forums to discuss.

Updated November 18th, 2009 - Well GPS on the iPhone is clearly in the news these days, so let's go with it! TomTom have just made a new update for TomTom for iPhone available for free via iTunes. The v1.2 version adds several new features : TTS (Text to Speech to pronounce actual street names) , ALG (static 3D view of roadsigns for complex intersections), iPod Touch compatibility (useful when the iPod kit becomes available...) and new maps, the v835 (TeleAtlas 2009.06) like on the AIOs. Unfortunately there is still no...... traffic information option, or any other TomTom LIVE service, which is odd considering how "connected" the iPhone is, or an option to add your own POIs. More screenshots and comments in the TomTom for iPhone - Testing - v1.2 topic of the forums to discuss.

Updated October 16th, 2009 - Thanks to the FCC there wasn't much left to the imagination when the TomTom Car Kit became available on the Apple Store for pre-order at the end of September...except that for a few hours they did sell it with the Tom Tom Application but my order was amended. It came in today as expected and I've been putting it through its paces. Let me first say that I hadn't seen such a comprehensive car holder since the end of...... 2005 and the Seidio G4850 for the Dell Axim x50/x51 but it didn't have Bluetooth. The TomTom Car Kit certainly packs a lot of punch with its Easyport, SiRFstarIII module and patch antenna, loudspeaker, Bluetooth handsfree, audio out, miniUSB in and a volume "jog shuttle". Catch up with the TomTom Car Kit for iPhone - Testing topic in the new "GPS on the Apple iPhone -" forums that can be reached via the shortcut.

Updated September 2nd, 2009 - As we're waiting for the GPS announcements of the IFA show in Berlin starting on Friday, the FCC recently gave us the scoop on TomTom's much anticipated car mount for the iPhone, dubbed the "kitchen sink" since it comes with everything but the kitchen sink...

... : power, speaker, full GPS receiver, as well as a Bluetooth antenna, the reason the FCC got involved it seems. Apparently Apple required that TomTom allow it to be compatible with all GPS enabled applications so it isn't of interest only to users of the TomTom iPhone software.

What's also interesting about this mount is that it marks the return of a SiRF chipset on TomTom products as they were no longer present in the current line-up. The previously SiRFstarIII based GO range was switched to Globallocate's Hammerhead v2 for the latest 740 and 940 models, while the ONE range was switched to Globallocate's Hammerhead v1 in 2007...ironically the iPhone 3G and 3GS models harbor a Hammerhead v2 chip. You can use the TomTom iPhone car mount with SiRF GPS topic of the "GPS and Mobile News" forums to discuss.

Posted August 18th, 2009 - Five years after the first version of TomTom for Smartphones, the iPhone version is now available on the Appstore. It is priced at $100 for North America and $140 for Europe, in line with other GPS applications for the iphone. This version doesn't come as a suprise since it was announced at the same time as the iPhone 3GS in early June, but the bad surprise is that many basic features are missing, features that were present 5 years ago when TomTom Mobile was launched ! No traffic information and no POI/Speedcam imports for instance......You can use the TomTom for iPhone - Testing topic of the "PDA and Smartphone Road Navigation Software" forums to discuss.

Posted September 7th, 2004 - Just caught this on TomTom's site, it's official TomTom Mobile is coming to Smartphones in Europe, with versions for the Windows Mobile (SPV/QTEK/Motorola) and for the S60 (Nokia 6600) platforms! On offer is TomTom's new navigation platform as first seen on PalmOS (article in French), and later on the TomTom GO. All of the features present on these versions are back and the good news is that TomTom has been able to preserve the speedy and responsive user interface......, that makes for pleasant operation.

Since the navigation platform is common, it's likely that the "POI import and Alert" update for the GO (see the article on PocketGPS UK) will make it to the mobile version as well. TomTom Mobile will only work in conjunction with the TomTom Wireless Bluetooth GPS. The complete kit that also includes an MMC (256Mb probably) memory card is announced at 299 euros. Hopefully it will make it to the US at some point in time.

I'm currently using TomTom Mobile, so if you have any questions feel free to use this discussion thread in the "GPS on Smartphones" forums!

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