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Laptop GPS - Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 Trial Available
Posté le 10 février 2011 à 18:50:00 par gpspassion. EN - Software
Source : Gpspassion

Updated February 10th, 2011
Microsoft have just made Streets and Trips 2011 available for download. This is a full featured 60 day trial version.

Before the days of Google Maps this was a must have application, but it still has features that are missing on online planners, like the radius POI search alongside your route or the number of hours you want to drive and how often you want to stop. "Live" (connected) features too with "Live Search", no traffic display though it seems but you can get construction data. You can use the Streets & Trips 2011 Trial Available for Download topic in the "MS Streets and Trips, AutoRoute, and MapPoint" to discuss.

Updated December 6th, 2006 - With more and more people navigating with Microsoft's Streets and Trips in North America or with Autoroute in Europe, thanks to the upgraded GPS features of the 2007 editions, Marvin's updated "Hotkeys" will certainly come in handy for one finger the light...

... Click here for the S&T version or Click here for the AR version. Enjoy !

Updated October 2nd - Another fall is upon us and so is the latest edition of Microsoft's Streets and Trips 2007. New GPS features have been added, such as full screen navigation, ETA display as well as connected features, such as the full integration of "Windows Live Search", but Pocket Streets is gone. A new shrunk Pharos SiRFstarIII GPS is on offer too. More details in Marvin's preview in the "MS Streets and Trips, AutoRoute, and MapPoint" forums. Long time site partner Deluo have S&T 2007 bundles available for pre-order with $20 discounts...


Updated 09/02 - The European version of Microsoft MapPoint 2006 has just been released with updated and expanded coverage. More details in this thread of the "MS Streets and Trips, AutoRoute, and MapPoint" forums.

Updated 07/24 - Microsoft are now offering a free 60 day trial of MapPoint 2006 and they'll send you the two CDs for the cost of shipping and handling. This brings back memories of MapPoint 2002 when I ordered these CDs and when GPS was only an afterthought in MapPoint, a far cry from the live guidance that is now included, how things change...for the better...

... !

Updated 05/26 - We've been enjoying sharing our GPS experiences and opinions from an "end-user" perspective since the site was launched nearly 4 years ago, piecing together information found here and there and field observations, but from time to time it's nice to catch up with the "Pros"......which is what we do when we attend "tradeshows" (CES, CeBIT, Computex, etc...) and this is what Marvin did when he interviewed Alex Daley, Technical Evangelist for mapping products at Microsoft.

Click here for his thoughts on current Microsoft GPS related products and where they are going......
Updated 05/01 - Marvin just received his copy of MapPoint 2006 and has started exploring it. As was expected, the GPS features of Streets and Trips have made it, but the "scoop" is the confirmation that the Navteq maps are the latest Q3/2005 version with a lot of additional coverage, particularly in Canada. Europe should also see some new areas being added to the East. In the meantime, you can use this thread for more maps and details....

Updated 04/04 - Marvin does it again by catching the first pieces of official information about MapPoint 2006, check out his links here.

Updated 03/07/2006 - MapPoint 2006 is starting to appear as a pre-order on some websites and Team Member Marvin has started to analyze the available information. What we know so far is that GPS is "in" as with Streets and Trips, but even more interesting, it seems that it could ship with the latest Q3'2005 Navteq maps, logicially adding new covered areas such as Eastern Europe or Mexico......

Updated 12/08 - With more and more people navigating with Microsoft's Streets and Trips in North America or with Autoroute in Europe, thanks to the upgraded GPS features of the 2006 editions, Marvin's updated "Hotkeys" will certainly come in handy for one finger the light. Click here for the S&T version or Click here for the AR version. Enjoy...

Updated 10/07 - The wait is over, "Street and Trips 2006" is now available in stores across the US as well as online at Deluo in a variety of GPS bundles, and I couldn't resist sharing the fireworks animation designed by Marvin who deserves our cheers for "sharing the info" on this new release almost two weeks ago and who as it turns out has just been appointed a Microsoft MVP, so let's also congratulate him on this...!

Updated 09/28
It's been a week now since Marvin started previewing "Streets and Trips 2006" in detail for us, showing the new guidance screen, increased coverage in Canada and Mexico, integration with MSN Virtual Earth, etc...and he has more in store, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can enter the giveaway organized by Deluo with 5 copies of "Streets and Trips 2006" and "Autoroute 2006" to win.

Updated 09/22
Hot off the press, here's the first preview of what Microsoft officially has in store for us, mapping and GPS wise in 2006, or a bit earlier as it is.

.... Marvin ploughed through the official litterature as he is waiting for his CDs to arrive tomorrow and here's what he found: Voice-Prompted Directions, Driving Guidance Pane, Dynamic Turn View, Locate Me with WiFi, and many more new features, the only bad news being the lack of a new PDA version. Read all about the new version in this thread of the Streets and Trips Forum!

Updated 09/09
Since we're talking about Microsoft's endeavors in Mapping and GPS solutions, a quick reminder that S&T 2006 should be on us soon now and Marvin is tracking that here. Also of interest to the technically minded with some time to spare here is a thread about a "navigation information" patent application by Microsoft dated August 4, 2005...

Updated 07/27/05
We're barely halfway through 2005, but Microsoft is already working on having the 2006 versions of "Streets & Trips" and "AutoRoute" come our way, or at least the way of a lucky few so far.... You can check out this thread to see what our "detective work" has brought up so far. It seems that this year agin there will be more GPS features added !

Updated 10/09/04
Thanks to Marvin for pointing out that Deluo is now offering an S&T 2005 bundle with their new "lite" mouse GPS for $85... instead of the $149 for the official bundle! They also have bundles with their other "mouse" GPS receivers.

Updated 09/02
An interesting press release by SiRF (leaders in GPS chipset design) about S&T 2005 and the GPS Locator is now available in the forums.

Posted 09/01
Microsoft's Streets and Trips (Autouroute Express in Europe) and Pocket Streets were around before the PocketPC based solutions revolutionized GPS Assisted Navigation...

..., and while they maintained a high quality of map data over the years that proved especially valuable to Canadian users, no new "GPS features" were added. This has changed with the release of Streets and Trips 2005 and Marvin, one of our forum regulars was so impressed that he suggested we start a Streets and Trips Forum!

These new forums are now up and running and Marvin has put up a New Features of Streets & Trips 2005 Review. Certainly some interesting (and unexpected) developments that should help make GPS even more "mainstream" especially if we some of this in Pocket Steets in the future.

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