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Live GPS Tracking Systems - DIY with Motorola Phone and Bluetooth GPS
Posté le 28 décembre 2009 à 17:39:00 par gpspassion. EN - Tracking Systems
Source : Gpspassion

Updated December 28th, 2009
Live GPS tracking is a topic of choice in the forums, especially that we now have some nifty connected devices like the iPhone and Appstore software like InstaMapper or JB software like iLocalis. The iPhone is not "fire and forget" though as a full time tracker needs to be.

This is where bbloff's DIY solutions comes in, as it only requires an old Motorola phone, a bluetooth GPS (available for $20 from site partner Semsons) and a data plan. You can read all about it in the Cheap DIY car security GPS tracking topic of the "Live GPS Tracking Systems" section of the forums and discuss it with the author who has recently made his source code available.

Updated December 15th, 2008
Live GPS tracking has always been a hot topic in the forums, and while we'd had live tracking programs for PDAs like Oxcarz' FindU/Reperion as early as 2004, dedicated trackers like Globalsat's TR-101/102, Haicom's HI-601VT or the SPOT Messenger with satellite uplink, AIOs hadn't been catered to, until now with FireTom a plugin for TomTom Systems using Yahoo's FireEagle location hub...


Like other plugins, FireTom is installed by copying a few files on your device and then clicking on a button to activate tracking or halt it. When tracking is active your position gets sent to FireEagle and can update an iGoogle Gadget, a live map, an RSS feed or a Twitter feed. It requires a Bluetooth capable TomTom unit hooked up to a phone, and I found it to work well on my GO 920T. The new TomTom x40 LIVE AIOs looked like a "natural" for this service, unfortunately TomTom have locked traffic to their servers and disabled the required BT DUN profile. More details in the FireTom - Live Tracker for TomTom GPS Systems topic of the "Beta" GPS software where the author is taking questions.

Updated July 31st, 2006 - Here's an update on the PDA/Smartphone/Phone tracking applications that have surfaced recently. Let's start with the WM5.0 Smartphone version of FindU/Reperion that I tried successfully on the "landscape" Samsung i320 as seen in this thread where they are looking for other testers if you want to give it a try. The other newcomer is NavXS a promising application currently in beta...

... with some stylish Java Mobile Clients, successfully tested on the Siemens SXG75 Linux GPS Phone, and a new WM5.0 mobile client that I can't get to run yet. They have dubbed their service a "location based social network". You can use this thread of the "Tracking Systems" forums to discuss.

Updated 02/19 - The first solution was Jeff's "FindYou", that he shared with us at the end of 2004 and that is now called MyTracking. Just recently, it has been joined by 3dtracking that relies on Google Maps to display your position. While these are "turnkey" solutions, the more adventurous can build their own Web-Based GPS Tracking System with OpenDMTP. You can read about these and more in...

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