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ALK for Smartphones : CoPilot Live Premium for iPhone, iPad, Android
Posté le 21 juin 2011 à 18:00:00 par gpspassion. EN - Software
Source : Gpspassion

Updated June 21st, 2011
One of the original "GPS Assisted Guidance" solutions back in 2001 on the HP iPaq PocketPC, ALK are still a major force on this market with their software for Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Google Android and they have just announced CoPilot Live Premium.

This new version builds on the existing platform (dynamic routing, 3D roadsigns, etc...) but adds a revamped interface with some unique features such as "tap & bend" to create custom routes on the fly, links to Wikipedia. You can use the respective topics of the app in the forums to discuss : CoPilot iPhone, CoPilot iPad HD and CoPilot Android. Review versions are headed towards the GpsPasSion Labs so stay tuned for more.

Updated August 11th 2010 - ALK were the first out of the gate with a full featured on-board (maps on the device) turn by turn (TBT) GPS application for the iPad, CoPilot Live HD for iPad at the end of April. It remains the only such application since the other native...

... iPad TBT app is MotionX's Drive HD, an off-board application.

I've been using CoPilot LIVE HD on my iPad in California for a couple of weeks and while there is a lot to like about it, such as the gorgeous map views and Live Google Local search, odd routes, missing roads, lack of traffic information and of speed limits make it difficult to use it as a primary GPS guidance solution. You can use the ALK CoPilot HD - Full GPS App for iPad in the "GPS on the Apple iPhone and iPad -" forums to discuss.

Updated March 23rd, 2010 - ALK recently released a new version of CoPilot for the iPhone (version with some interesting new features such as live POI search via Google Local and Traffic information via Inrix, at least in Europe. The new version is impressive on the...

... iPhone with very smooth graphics and rich menus as forum member Rick762 described in detail, but the basic feature of a navigation, i.e. routing, seems to be an on/off affair. In the US this issue had been put down to the ALK proprietary maps, but in Europe they use Navteq maps like Garmin or Navigon. You can use the CoPilot Live for iPhone - Testing topic in the forums to discuss.

Updated December 4th, 2009 - ALK successfully released an iPhone version this summer and an Android version this fall, but they are still updating the Windows Mobile version that started it all in 2001. To make sure everyone is interested they currently have a sale with the software priced at only $25. Longtime forum member "rem", and user of the PocketPC v1 version, recently upgraded to v8 for his Windows Mobile AT&T Tilt-2 (aka Touch Pro 2) and was...

... impressed with overall usability. That leaves him wishing, like many other users, for better maps in the US version, where ALK are relying on their proprietary maps, and a switch to Navteq that ALK already use in Europe. You can read his comments an join the discussion in the ALK CoPilot GPS v8 USA topic of the "PDA and Smartphone Road Navigation Software" forums.

Updated August 7th, 2009 - This is the "GPS week" for the Apple iPhone with yet another full "turn by turn" navigation solution announced and released, ALK's CoPilot with a UK and European version for €34 and €80 respectively. With ALK being headquartered in the US, a North American version can't be far......

What's new here are the Live services, which make perfect sense for a connected device like the iPhone, and that are really lacking on the other GPS apps so far. No traffic though which is the type of "live" info we really need. You can use the CoPilot Live UK/Euro for iPhone available topic of the "PDA and Smartphone Road Navigation Software" forums to discuss.

Updated October 22nd, 2007 - The release of ALK's CoPilot v7 is noteworthy for at least two reasons, first it marks the premiere of their new graphics engine that provides for an amazingly smooth map display (it is rated at 10FPS) and also because it signals the revivals of sorts of standalone software for mobile devices after years of decline in favor of AIOs (All in One systems). Over the years we reviewed v3, v4, v5, v6 and...

... the comments that often came back were of advanced features marred by a dated map rendering. For v7, ALK took their time, almost two years, but the map rendering is now second to none regardless of the platform, versus iGO, TomTom, etc...Naturally the advanced features are still there, trip planning with waypoints/stops/optimization, detours, custom data fields, live tracking, etc...More pictures and comments in this thread of the "PDA Navigation Software" forums.

Updated February 24, 2006
As mentioned late last year, a review copy did make its way to Paul who since spent several weeks using CoPilot v6 on the road to get a good feel for the pros and cons of the new version. He takes an in-depth at...

... it in this article.

Updated 11/17/2005 - One of the first GPS assisted navigation software solutions for PDA's, ALK's CoPilot is still going strong and has now reached its v6. Among the new features on offer is a real "moving map" mode with some unique mileage markers to get a better sense of distances in 3D mode. A review copy should be on its way to Paul, and we already have some interesting feedback by Kingweed who's been using CoPilot since its v3 but had recently moved to TomTom 5 and iGuidance v2......

Posted 07/28/2004
ALK have just released a new version of CoPilot. Version 5 builds on the previous platforms and adds new features such as 3D, enhanced map display and user interface, but alas still no "moving map"a feature we now enjoy on most other navigation solutions. As a reminder, CoPilot is the only major navigation solution that relies on proprietary map data in the US, no mean feat......Make sure you check out the very comprehensive review of CoPilot5 in action in the UK by our friends from PocketGPS! We're discussing this new version in this thread of the forums

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