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Dell Mobile Devices - Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet Reviewed
Posté le 06 mai 2011 à 18:31:00 par gpspassion. EN - Hardware
Source : Gpspassion

Posted May 6th, 2011
Dell made their mark in the mobile world early on with their excellent Axim PocketPCs, the X5 in 2002, the X30, the X50, X51, etc...and resurfaced with the Streak 5 Android smartphone last summer. With all these good memories in mind I decided to try their Streak 7, a 7" Android tablet PC.

There is a lot to like about it : better price than the Samsung Galaxy Tab, so-called 4G speeds on T-Mobile, dual-core chip, promised upgrade to Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) this summer, unfortunately it proved to be disappointing overall. Details and pictures in the [TOPIC] Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet - Reviews topic of the "GPS on Google Android -" forums.

Posted July 21st, 2004 - Our friends from Aximsite have put up a preview of the Dell Navigation System and Chris liked what he saw...


GpsPasSion regulars, will recognize the Bluetooth GPS as being the dconnex version of the Globalsat BT-308 GPS and the software as being based on the Intellinav software solution that use Navteq maps...not unlike HP before them with the iPAQ Navigation System ;-)

Let's hope that this time around, this advanced navigation solution will find its way across the Atlantic!

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