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Live Tracking - SPOT Connect Satellite Uplink with Bluetooth for Smartphones
Posté le 25 janvier 2011 à 15:29:00 par gpspassion. EN - Tracking Systems
Source : Gpspassion

Updated January 25th, 2011
Spot made a splash three years ago when they released the SPOT Personal Tracker, the first personal GPS live tracker with a satellite uplink, meaning it works regardless of cellphone coverage. They followed a year later with the SPOT Messenger, more compact and with a more powerful GPS chipset (uBlox 5). After working with Delorme last year on the Delorme Earthmate with SPOT Communicator, they showed the SPOT Connect at CES earlier this month.

The SPOT Connect is nearly identical to the Delorme SPOT Communicator, same form factor, same uBlox 5 GPS Chipset, but uses Bluetooth instead of 802.15.4 wireless. This allows it to be controlled by Smartphones to send messages or start 24 hour automatic tracking sessions. More details and pictures in the SPOT Connect live tracker for smartphones topic of the "Live GPS Tracking Systems" forums.

Updated March 21st, 2008 - Over the past few years, several consumer grade Live GPS trackers have become available, such as the Globalsat TR-101/102 or the Haicom SVT-601, but they rely on a GSM connection to upload the GPS data, so they'll blank out in remote areas where you might find yourself in need of help. This is where the SPOT Satellite Messenger comes in with its...

... satellite uplink that will work almost everywhere around the world. I took one for some high altitude testing in the Alps recently and you can find my thoughts in this article as well as screenshots of the web interface and pictures.

If you have questions or comments you can use this topic of the newly launched Live GPS Tracking Systems forums !

Updated September 17th, 2007 - Thanks to forum member "rambler" for spotting, the...Spot Satellite Messenger, a unique GPS tracker that uses a satellite uplink to send its position from anywhere in the world. Apparently it was designed as an emergency device for those who wander in the wilderness not covered by GSM networks, but it can also be used as a "casual" tracker with Google Maps. Its $150 pricing with $99 for a one year subscription seems quite reasonable in light of that. It is due to be launched on November 1st, in the meantime, you can...

... use this thread of the "Tracking" Forums to discuss.
Posted April 21st, 2004 - Our friend Enrico from PocketPC Italia recently published a detailed review of an interesting new device, the CL1 by QQAAXX, a GPS/GSM based Web Locator. The full review is here (in Italian but with many pictures). Such tracking devices are likely to become more readily available in the future, such as the...... SANAV G-19.

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