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Navigon GPS - iPhone v1.7 released : Optimized for the iPad - Live Lane
Posté le 23 décembre 2010 à 17:50:00 par gpspassion. EN - Smartphone GPS
Source : Gpspassion

Updated December 23rd, 2010
Navigon have just released a new version MobileNavigator for iPhone now at v1.7 with full iPad compatibility (full screen) and new features.

Among the new features is "Active Lane Assistant" that shows the lane placement in real time when approaching an intersection, versus the static display of competing software. Map Reporter allows to make some map corrections and then share them submit them for validation for sharing with other users. More details in the [TOPIC] Navigon for iPhone - Testing - v1.7 topic of the "GPS on the Apple iPhone -" section of the forums.

Updated July 20th, 2010 - Navigon were the first out of the gate last year on the iPhone platform with MobileNavigator for iPhone when Apple "authorized" GPS Assisted Guidance on the iPhone with iOS 3, but they had yet to...

... update the maps (Navteq), unlike their competition who pushed news maps with each update. The recently released v1.6 fixes this problems and adds compatibility with iOS 4. More details in the [TOPIC] Navigon for iPhone - Testing - v1.6 topic of the "GPS on the Apple iPhone -" section of the forums.

Also of interest to Navigon iPhone users in this section is the [GUIDE] Changing Car Icons on Navigon for iPhone by forum member jayzsport to customize the icon that shows your position. Enjoy!

Updated February 9th, 2010 - Navigon have just leaked some details on the upcoming v1.5 for iPhone, the mobile platform that is currently, and rightly so, "all the rage". New features include some "pipes" to the Facebook and Twitter social networks, with GPS features gaining "MyRoutes" (choice of three routes) and the pleasant "Panorama View" of...

... the European AIOs. Availability is expected for April.

In the meantime they haven't forgotten a platform that has known better days, Windows Mobile, with the release of MobileNavigator 7 North America for PDA or Smartphone. Longtime forum member efjay jumped at the opportunity and installed it on his Pharos 137. Catch up with his review in the Navigon MN|7 USA for WM - Reviews topic of the "PDA and Smartphone Road Navigation Software" forums.

Updated December 14th, 2009 - Navigon are continuing to break new ground on the iPhone platform with their MobileNavigator for iPhone software. They were the first out of the gate in June, the first to offer optional traffic ($25 for life) and now they have added Google Local. Google Local is not new to GPS systems as...... TomTom offered it in 2008 on their GO x40 LIVE systems, but on the iPhone with its fast 3G+ connection it's a breeze to use. Not to mention that POI (Point of Interest) searching had never been Navigon's forte with different categories depending on the type of search. Now you can type anything and the Google engine will find it for you and the software will take you there. The new v1.4 release has many new other features (finger zooming, written directions, pedestrian mode, etc...) check them out in the Navigon for iPhone - Testing - v1.3 topic of the iPhone forums (

Updated November 11th, 2009 - Ever since the first on-board "turn by turn" navigation software became available for the iPhone, we've been perplexed over their lack of "connected" features - the iPhone being "THE" connected device - and mostly traffic data. Well this is now fixed since...... Navigon, who were also the first out of the gate with a GPS app in June, are now offering traffic data as an option. It's reasonable priced at $25 for life and even $20 for the next four weeks. It's also impressive on paper with the usual TMC "incidents" being complemented by FCD (Floating Car Data). Unfortunately the first test runs in Europe are disappointing with toll gate slowdowns being converted into traffic jams...You can use the Navigon for iPhone - Testing - v1.3 of the iPhone forums to discuss.

Updated October 7th, 2009 - "MotionX-GPS Drive is the only GPS navigation solution designed and optimized exclusively for your iPhone. With MotionX you instantly find what you're looking for, then you get a list of door-to-door directions and a highlighted route. The maps are live, all you need to do is to follow the blue line!" - They've got a point, this is the first "native" turn-by-turn application for the iphone compared to the other current solutions which were developped on other platforms. Doesn't make it necessarily better, but interesting nonetheless and the GUI does seem to have been optimized for the iPhone. MotionX are well know among...... iPhone GPS users thanks to their MotionX-GPS now in version 7.1. Their "turn by turn" application is of the "off-board" type, and apparently use Navteq maps, generally recognized as the "best of breed" maps in North America. They do have a "Cached routes and maps for optimal performance" feature that will help if you lose network coverage. You can use the MotionX-GPS Drive : iPhone Off-Board GPS topic to discuss.

Updated September 16th, 2009 - Navigon were the first out of the gate with a "turn by turn" GPS application, MobileNavigator for iPhone, as soon as Apple "authorized" them in early June with their joint announcement with...

...TomTom, and they are still in the lead in terms of features.

Version v1.0 had limited features but its success on the Appstore certainly encouraged Navigon to quickly add some. Trip planning arrived with v1.1 along with better handling of the iPhone's "weak" GPS positionning, and now v1.2 adds TTS (Text to Speech). In even better news, they have announced the arrival of traffic information with a $25 lifetime subscription. You can use the Navigon for iPhone topic to discuss.

Updated August 5th, 2009 - It's now iGo's turn to become available on the Appstore as "iGO My way 2009 for iPhone", both in North American, Western European and Western+Central European versions for $80/€63, $90/€70 and $120/€90 respectively. Screenshots looks promising but some testing will be needed to see how well the port to the iPhone platform works and if any features of the PDA/AIO versions are missing as is the case on Navigon for the iPhone...

.. You can use the iGo for iPhone available - USA and Europe topic of the "PDA and Smartphone Road Navigation Software" forums to discuss.

Updated July 14th, 2009 - Hot on the heels of the announcement at long last of "Full GPS Assisted Navigation" for the iPhone at the Apple WWDC 2009 show in early June with TomTom, other editors have been releasing navigation software...while TomTom Navigator remains unavailable. No word on what is causing the delay, but chances are the "Active Mount" (Power, loudspeakers, GPS receiver) is proving difficult to produce. Anyway let's see in the [GUIDE] Road Navigation Software on the Apple iPhone what is available as of today, "on-board" (maps stored on the iphone" and "off-board" (maps streamed from a server) wise...

...The first "on board" package was Navigon in Europe with Navigon for iPhone and the US just got the "Lite" version. Next came Sygic Mobile Maps in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe. reviewed by forum member "way". Moving on to "off-board" applications, we have AT&T Navigator that was reviewed by Paul and Gokivo reviewed by forum member JohnR.

Overall, none of us were very impressed by the iPhone as a dedicated navigation solution, either because of the feature set, lack of traffic information on the "off-board" applications, or the way they are implemented, recalculation is often slow. This could be fixed over time, but of higher concern are the limitations due to the iPhone platform, navigation exits when you make a call, fast battery drain, and possibly GPS performance as I found with Navigon in the center of Paris that the map lagged severely after a turn. You can use the topics linked above to discuss each application and the [GUIDE] Road Navigation Software on the iPhone topic in the "PDA and Smartphone Road Navigation Software" forums.

Updated June 29th, 2009 - Ever since the iPhone 3G with a built-in Globallocate Hammerhead II chipset came out a year ago, we'd been waiting for a full GPS Assisted Navigation solution for the iPhone. With its bright and wide screen and graphics performance, it seemed like an ideal platform. While TomTom was demoed at WWDC2009 on the 3GS... b

..., Navigon are the first out of the gate with a commercial solution, MobileNavigator for iPhone and I've started to test it.

My first test runs show that this first "turn by turn" navigation solution for the iPhone works well, with a smooth map display and Navigon's typical advanced map rendering that makes the competition look "basic", but the lack of features quickly appears, notably Traffic information, as well as the awkward phone call handling. At the end of the day it feels more like a working, and expensive, technology demo than a full blown navigation solution of the caliber we've come to expect on Windows Mobile devices and AIOs by Garmin, TomTom or...Navigon. Join the Navigon for iPhone - Testing topic of the "PDA and Smartphone Road Navigation Software" for more.

Posted March 23rd, 2007 - Almost three years to the day after announcing their first Smartphone GPS solution, NAVIGON are launching the free MN|6 Java for Smartphones, with compatibility for Nokia and Sony Ercisson devices for now. This is interesting because it is the first free full guidance solution, when Google, Microsoft and Nokia only offered Map viewing and POI searching, with Nokia...... charging for guidance (see details). Give it a try and you can use this thread of the "Smartphone GPS" forums to discuss.

Posted March 8th, 2004 - Navigon will be showing a GPS solution for Smartphones at CeBIT 2004. We'll have to wait until then for more details but...

... so much is known/thought so far:

1. Appears to be a "Symbian" solution not WM2003 (yet?)
2. Is an "off-board" solution like all other existing GPS solutions for Smartphones. It will require communication with a server to access maps and calculate routes
3. Uses the MapSolute (developers of map24) solution for back-end mapping/routing management.

Read this discussion in the Smartphone GPS forums for more pictures and details.

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