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Magellan GPS - New Roadmate 2136T-LM adds Speed Limits Signs
Posté le 13 mai 2011 à 21:11:00 par gpspassion. EN - "All in One" Solutions
Source : Gpspassion

Updated May 13th, 2011
While Magellan no longer enjoy the strong market share they once had with the Roadmate 500 and 700 a few years ago, they've maintained good point of sale presence and they release new models regularly. Their road GPS product page has an incredible number of models, some discontinued, and some with a "New" label, including the Roadmate 2136TLM with an interesting new feature.

You can't tell from the screenshots but forum member "Elvisfan" spotted that it had a feature new to Magellan units : speed limit signs. This is one of the more useful features of a GPS system and it was clearly lacking on Magellan devices compared to Garmin or TomTom systems. You can use the [TOPIC] Magellan Roadmate 2136TLM w/speed limits topic in the "Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs" forums to discuss.

Updated March 24th, 2011 - Magellan have been experiencing software problems lately with many Magellan users still finding their GPS to be unpredictable following the switch from Navteq to TeleAtlas (v41 maps) likely due to some unproper coding of the map attributes. I've also been...

... having problems using the Content Manager to update the maps on my 1440...actually the 1440 refused to boot after the update!

It's too bad because Magellan's hardware is quite good as forum member lakensea found when he bought the RoadMate 9055 with its huge 7" screen. More about that in the [TOPIC] Magellan Roadmate 9055 - User Reviews topic of the "Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs" forums.

Updated October 22nd, 2010 - Magellan have been quietly rolling out new updates for their AIOs. After v3.11 earlier this month for the 1470 (and an unconfirmed v3.12), the 1440 is being updated to v2.42. I performed the update but...... failed to see any new features, no "pop-up" like on the 1470. You can use the v2.42 update for Magellan Roadmate 1440 to discuss.

Updated October 2nd, 2010 - Magellan have just made a new v3.11 update available for the Roadmate 1470 and Roadmate 1700, the same version as on the more recent 3045. While their description is rather lacking in details ("Improved Maneuver warnings") forum members have found that it adds a neat new features : a "pop-up" screen with navigation information. More details in the...... Roadmate 1470 firmware 3.11 with "Pop-Up" Nav Info topic of the "Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs" forums. Hopefully the 1440 is next !

Updated August 31st, 2010 - With the 2010 Magellan Roadmate models adding mostly map bundles (one update or lifetime updates) to the 2009 range, the latter remains quite interesting and the current prices on refurbished models at Walmart or Amazon are too good to pass : $40 for the 1340 (3.5" screen) and $64 for the 1440 (3.5" screen) with the Traffic Link module available for an extra $35. Thanks to jastevenson for sharing this tip in the Magellan Roadmate 1340 only 40 bucks (1440 : $64) of the....... Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs forums where others shared the good news of a free map update.

Updated July 13th, 2010 - The impressive line-up of 10 new Roadmates announced by Magellan at the end of May is starting to be available. This includes the "3045-LM" (LM for Lifetime Maps) that forum member "mutt_lover" purchased and he's kindly shared his detailed review in the Magellan Roadmate 3045-LM - User Reviews topic of...... the "Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs" forums, enjoy !

Updated June 25th, 2010 - Magellan's Spring 2010 Map Update is now available for $80. You will need the free Content Manager software to download the maps. Before you buy the update make sure your model is on the list of compatible devices, missing from that list are the Maestro 4350 and 4370 GPS systems, which is not entirely surprising since they were based on the iGO 8 GPS software and that Magellan have now reverted to their own software. You can use the [TOPIC] Magellan 2010 Spring Map update- available topic started by...... rnh2112 in the "Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs" forums to discuss.

Updated May 20th, 2010 - Magellan have just launched an impressive new line-up of no less than 10 new Roadmate GPS systems : 5045, 3065, 3055, 3045-LM, 3045-MU, 3045, 2045, 2036-MU, 2036, 2035. LM stands for "Lifetime Maps", and MU for "(one) Map Update". They all include...

... lifetime traffic and the 3065 has the nifty "Traffic Wakeup" wakeup feature (it starts downloading traffic information before you get started in the morning). You can use the [NEWS] 10 New GPS Units from Magellan for 2010 topic started by elvisfan in the "Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs" forums.

Updated February 18th, 2010 - Over the past few years, GPS manufacturers have made PC companion software available for their GPS systems, both to make it easier for the users to keep their GPS system up to date, but also to sell maps and subscriptions. TomTom's TomTom HOME is certainly the most elaborate, while Garmin's WebUpdater is a handy "one-click" affair and not forgetting Navigon's Navigon Fresh...and now comes the Magellan Content Manager for all their recent AIOs......

The Magellan companion software "automatically alerts you to new software updates and tracks all your Magellan software and registration information. The free Content Manager software makes it fast and simple to update your device software, backup and restore data and manage your account information." It's been noted that the backup feature only backs up the address book and one touch searches. You can use the Magellan Content Manager Program available topic of the "Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs" forums to discuss.

Updated October 19th, 2009 - While Magellan road systems have disappeared in Europe following the sale of Magellan by Shah Capital to Mitac (parent company of Mio), new models are still being released in the USA, likely to capitalize on the strong Magellan brand name and who originally "owned" the road GPS market with their Roadmate 500 and 700 in...2004. The latest model is the Maestro 4700 that...

... appears to be based on the "New Gen" Magellan software, unlike the Maestro 4350/4370 based on the iGo 8 software...

The Magellan 4700 has already met with quite some success among forum members and they are sharing their thoughts in the Magellan Maestro 4700 - User Reviews topic with current problems being bugs when routing to Florida, a weak voice-command feature and ads displayed with traffic information. Forum member jerryoster has also started a * Masetro 4700 Wish List * topic in the "Magellan Roadmate and Maestro AIOs" forums.

Updated April 27th, 2009 - This just in, longtime forum member corgi1 received his Magellan 1470 last Friday and has been putting it through its paces since then, so far so good. He also pitted it against his Garmin nuvi 680 and he is kindly sharing his list of "pros and cons" and pictures in the Magellan 1340, 1440, 1470 - User Reviews topic of the Magellan forums. The question of the GPS engine being used is...... now answered, it is an updated version of the "Magellan" engine, not NavNGo's iGO 8 or Mio's upcoming "Spirit".

Updated April 13th, 2009 - Magellan is releasing a new line of GPS systems, the 1340, 1440 and 1470, their first new models since they were purchased by Mitac at the end of 2008. They can be seen in detail on Magellan's website and they are already available at Amazon. As seen in the picture, the most notable new feature are the road signs, already seen on GPS systems by Navigon, TomTom or Garmin (in order of appearance). One of the questions is whether they are still using NavNGo's GPS engine as they did on last year's Maestro 4370...

... The interface looks close enough but the map looks different. A switch to a new engine (Mio Spririt ?) wouldn't be that surprising since Mio's partnership with NavNGo ended up in court and Mio is also a subsidiary of Mitac...You can use the New Magellan Systems 1340, 1440, 1470 topic of the Magellan section of the forums to discuss.

Updated October 20th, 2008 - With no new system launched in 2008, Magellan seemed to be winding down their consumer GPS operations, but they appear to be giving it another try with the Maestro 4370 AIO. The big news is the new software that has to be Nav'n'GO's iGo 8 based on the picture above. Quite a suprise, but it is a welcome change from the ageing software that first appeared on the Roadmate 500/700 systems in December 2003. Not only was it dated but it was slow, particularly on widescreen GPS sytems......

Time will tell what this change does to reverse Magellan's ever declining fortunes in the AIO market after their strong start in late 2003, but it might appeal to the many Mio C310 (the "Blackfriday Star" of 2006) owners with Mio's subsequent switch to the rather unexciting Navman software for their latest Mio Moov range. You can use this topic of the "GPS and Mobile News" forums to discuss.

Updated January 16th, 2008 - Although Magellan has seen a flurry of activity since they were purchased by Shah Capital last year, it doesn't seem they've been able to recapture the "touch" that got them off to an excellent start with the Roadmate 500 and 700 models in 2004. At one point the Roadmate 1200 looked like it could be the "Black Friday Star" of 2007 but newcomer Navigon came in with the Navigon 2100 and the new high end 4250 with its unique "voice commands" is getting mixed reviews...

... from the experienced GPS users who are sharing them in this topic of the Magellan forums.

Updated October 26th, 2007 - Is Magellan quietly preparing the "Black Friday" GPS star of 2007 with the Maestro 1200, after the Finedrive in 2005 and the Mio C310x in 2006? It might well be even though it is priced at $199 like the Mio C310x last year, but this time it is a major GPS brand and it relies on the same advanced software seen on the previous Roadmate and Maestro models. Hardware wise it boasts a very compact format and uses a Centrality Atlas II platform with built-in GPS. You can use this thread of the... Magellan forums to discuss.

Updated May 30th, 2007 - After a strong start in the US market with the Roadmate 500 and 700 models in early 2004, it seems it's been downhill for Magellan ever since in the AIO (All in One) market. Stronger competition of course, but also lackluster products that arrived too late...... (Roadmate 800 was SiRFstarII when Garmin and TomTom were SiRFstarIII) or tried the patience of their users with the lack of the promised map updates.

While I have yet to receive a Maestro test unit, it seems that this AIO that looked promising on paper when it was launched at the CeBIT show in March, again fails to deliver out of the gate prompting some experienced GPS users to share their frustrations in this topic of the Magellan forums.

Updated May 30th, 2006 - The Magellan Roadmate 3000T has been available for a few days now and we have some first user reviews including mine, that can be found in the RM3000T [SINGLE TOPIC]. This new AIO takes after the RM800 released last year with the same proven software...


Updated 03/21 - After finally bringing "closure" to the RM700 upgrade saga, Magellan seem to be ready to release their new models that have started to appear as a pre-order on some websites. The first one is the RM860T, an upgraded RM800 with Text to Speech and an RDS/TMC module to receive traffic information. The RM3000T has a rounder redesigned casing, a 4Gb hard drive and can be outfitted with an optional traffic module. They are priced at $900 and $600 respectively.

Hopefully they will soon appear on the Magellan website so we can get additional information such as which GPS chipset they use. In the meantime you can use this thread of the forums to discuss.

Updated 02/28/2006 - Magellan have just posted a link on their website to order the v5 upgrade with detailed explanations on what's new and improved and as expected the 700 becomes a 760 - thanks to Chipster for sharing the news in the forums....

Updated 02/18/2006 - It's been a long time coming but the v5 upgrade for the Magellan Roadmate is available for pre-order over the phone, thanks to Storm180 for sharing the news. For $99, RM700 owners get the functionalities of the RM760, including Text to Speech voice prompts and upgraded maps...

Updated 11/02/2004 - Thanks to chipster who shares an interesting find on an upcoming upgrade for the RM-700, with the option of now switching between pre-installed North American and European maps putting the 10Gb hard drive to good use! Also new is the option to beam contacts from a PDA as well as some enhancements to the GUI...

Updated 05/26 - In case you've missed it, Magellan has just released the v3.44 update for the MRM-700. New features include speed display, a compass in the location screen and more POIs appearing on the map. More details in this thread of the Magellan Roadmate forums....Updated 05/19

This is probably not news to everyone, but for those holding out on the purchase of a "Turn-key" GPS solution, Magellan are offering a $50 rebate on the purchase of a Roadmate 500 or 700 in the US and in Canada.

...As a reminder we have a pretty lively Magellan Roadmate section in the forums, with quite a few tips and tricks that are sure to come in handy as the Roadmate 700 is now arriving in Europe!

Updated 03/18

GpsPasSion is happy to bring you the first Magellan Roadmate firmware upgrade! Head out to the forums to see what's new and download the file!


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank forum moderator LBOCEAN for his excellent work in the forums!

Updated 01/14

With the Magellan Roadmate thread being one of the largest ever in the GpsPasSion forums, it was time to have a special "Magellan Roadmate" section in the Forums!

Ask questions, share your experience and tips with people who have first hand knowledge of these units!

First tip: how to make screen captures!

... The more pleasing form factor as well the arrival of the powerful SiRFstarIII GPS "engine", of Navteq Q3/2005 maps and of a brighter screen are welcome upgrades. Catch up with the single topic for more comments and pictures including comparisons with the TomTom GO 910 and the Navman iCN 750.

Updated 04/04 - The 3000T has now appeared on the Magellan website, as well as the 3050T and 6000T. Apparently the 3050T is the 3000T with a a built-in traffic receiver and the 6000T adds Bluetooth for hands-free calling like the upcoming Garmin AIOs, something TomTom added last year on the GO500 and GO700. A careful read of the features (thanks aljacket) shows that Magellan has adopted the powerful SiRFstarIII chipset too. You can use this thread of the forums to discuss....
Posted 02/12
The first user report on the Magellan Roadmate Series is in! Thanks to racheysdad for sharing his first impressions on the Roadmate 500!

The Magellan Roadmate series competes with the likes of the Garmin SP2610/2650 and the Navman iCN 620/630.

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