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GPS Mounts - Garmin update Bean Bag with Friction Mount - User Tips
Posté le 21 septembre 2010 à 16:43:00 par gpspassion. EN - Hardware
Source : Gpspassion

Updated September 21st, 2010
Over the years Garmin's "bean bag" mount has been a favorite among GPS users, especially in California where it was illegal to mount a GPS on the windscreen (OK since 01/2009). To the point where universal bean bags became available for users of other GPS systems. Garmin updated the "bean bag" design with the friction mount this year.

We have some interesting user reviews in the forums with people mostly liking it but concerned about losing the "stickiness" over time. That's where member "Newfie John" comes in with a handy tip to keep it going. Details in the New Garmin Portable Friction Mount - User Reviews topic of the "Garmin nüvi forums".

Updated December 7th, 2009 - Carcomm is offering a new advanced mount for the TomTom GO GPS systems, the CNM-173, compatible with the GO x40 (540, 740 and 940) and x50 (550, 750 et 950). Even if these GPS systems ship with...

... an active (powered) mount, unlike the GO x20/x30 for which Carcomm had designed the CNM-160 and CNM-167, the CNM-173 allows for a tighter integration in the car thanks to its AMPS compatibility and therefore with the Brodit and ProClip mounts.

More comments and pictures in the Carcomm CNM-173 Active Mount for GOx40/x50 topic of the forums on GpsPasSion.

Updated June 11th, 2008 - The first friction mount released at the end of last year proved to be very popular with GPS users, but it was not compatible with GPS systems using short windshield suction pedestals and some were concerned it would come flying in case of an accident. Arkon have a fix for both these problems on their new CM012 "Friction Style" Dash Mount with its U-Shaped rim design and Safety Loop. Test units are on their way to the GpsPasSion "labs" and in the meantime you can...

... use this topic of the news forums to discuss.

Posted December 21st, 2007 - We don't review mounts very often, but with the recent cuts in prices, the mounts that come with our GPS systems are not what they used to be; case in point, TomTom's GO920T flagship has to make do with a tiny mount while last year's GO910 had a mount with no less than 6 connectors. This has opened the market for Carcomm who have just released the CNM-160 for the GO x20 range and that is reviewed in this topic of the forums on GpsPasSion...

...Another mounting solution of interest is the Heavy Duty Friction Mount Base on offer at Semsons for $20. GPS fans will immediately be reminded of Garmin's famous "Bean Bag" mounts that had been all but replaced by windshield suction mounts. However recent developments, like the laws in CA and MN and thefts of GPS systems are giving them a new edge. Pictures and comments in this topic of the "AIO" forums.

Posted June 9th, 2003 - Arkon, a favorite among PocketPC GPS users (and others) when it comes to PDA mounting solutions...... have come out with a new entry in their roster, which could be dubbed "everything and the kitchen sink" ;-)

The Powered Multimedia PDA Mounts will:
- hold your PDA securely
- power it, and
- amplify the sound of its speaker

Naturally it is compatible with the whole range (11 in total) of pedestals.

Stay tuned for a picture review in the coming weeks!

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