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Augmented GPS - EGNOS now Operational for Mission Critical Use
Posté le 09 mars 2011 à 19:09:00 par gpspassion. EN - General News
Source : Gpspassion

Updated March 9th, 2011
In September 2003 we asked the question When will EGNOS will be operational ?...well 7+ years later we have the answer, it's been formally declared available to aviation nearly 10 years after testing first started!

It had already been declared fit for navigation in 2009, but it can now be used for "mission critical" use and notably to assist planes when they land at small airports that don't have conventional precision landing systems. For "consumers", EGNOS and more generally SBAS (Satellite Based Augmententation System) does not offer measurable improvements ("snap to road", small antennas, multipath, etc...). You can use the When will EGNOS will be operational - AOK 03/2011 in the "GPS and Mobile News" forums to discuss.

Updated January 11th, 2007 - Although I failed to measure any improvement in accuracy with EGNOS, the European flavor of SBAS, during some careful side-by-side testing last year, some have a use for WAAS, the North American flavor, and had been quite upset at no longer being able to...

... get a WAAS fix with their SiRFstarIII based receivers. The "fix" is to switch to version 3.2.2 or 3.2.4, but other than Garmin's systems there is no known end-user upgrade path, so you'll need to contact your reseller/manufacturer, which is what GTBecker did successfully with US Globalsat. You can use this thread to discuss SBAS further.

Aside from WAAS, SiRFtarIII firmware v3.2.2 also appears to have improved multipath handling while driving in challenging environments, more on that later.

Updated July 5th, 2006 - EGNOS was officially launched a few weeks ago as announced on the ESA website with PRN126 being used to broadcast the full range of corrections. Clearly time for some more testing after PRN120 and PRN124 in April...

... Bad news, I couldn't get my SiRFstarIII v3.1 based receivers to get a SBAS fix on PRN126, but my NemeriX receiver could. Click here for the updated comparison charts.

Updated 05/24/2006 - Pushing the envelope, the SBAS "side by side" testing article now has a "PRN 120" page with some SiRFstarII, SiRFstarIII and Nemerix testing, with and without SBAS. At this point, the logical conclusion would be the confirmation that SBAS has no real impact on the user experience and should not be a deciding factor when chosing a consumer GPS system. An interesting and unexpected "side effect" of this project has been the discovery of the high level of accuracy provided by the low power Nemerix chipset...

... and with multipath problems now belonging to the past with the v4 firmware, it is likely we will see more Nemerix based systems in the near future.

Updated 04/24/2006 - Hard to believe that this news item is 3 years old and I don't think anyone would believe how many times the question has been asked in the forums whether a GPS receiver or an AIO is "WAAS" or "EGNOS" capable and not being thrilled to hear that in fact he most likely doesn't need it...So here we go for our homebrew "side by side testing" with various chipsets (SiRFII, SiRFIII, Nemerix) to try to come up with some facts about the impact of SBAS on consumer systems.......Click here to read on...

Posted 04/22/2003 - Sorry for the word play, but I think everyone will agree that Was (not Was)'s version of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" was superb ;-) Anyway, it seems that WAAS is finally coming into its own on the PocketPC platform......thanks to the GPSTweak (formerly SiRFTweak) utility.

It is now possible to "poll" the WAAS/EGNOS status and "toggle" WAAS/EGNOS on and off. This will put the GPS in auto mode, which is a good compromise although it's sometimes preferable to select a specific satellite (Cruxview does that).

GPStweak is still in beta but the WAAS/EGNOS part is quite functional as I was able to verify.

If you want to find out the elevation and azimuth of either of the 4 WAAS satellites (2 US WAAS and 2 Europe EGNOS), you can go here:
- WAAS 1 - PRN 122
- WAAS 2 - PRN 134
- EGNOS 1 - PRN 120
- EGNOS 2 - PRN 131

You can read more about WAAS on here

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