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Navteq Traffic : Coming to Europe - GPS Probes - Mobile Millenium
Posté le 24 septembre 2009 à 14:07:00 par gpspassion. EN - Connected GPS
Source : Gpspassion

Updated September 24th, 2009
Navteq Traffic was launched successfully in the US last year on the Garmin 765 AIOs with an unusual model, free for users thanks to unobtrusive advertising. Navteq have plans for Europe too and they're serious about them as evidenced by their purchase earlier this year of the Deutsche Telekom division that created the TMC Pro service in Germany.

Another interesting development is their use of "GPS Probes" to mitigate the problems of traffic generated by "GSM Traces" as experienced by the users of TomTom's HD Traffic in Europe. They are currently experimenting with these traffic creation techniques in the Mobile Millenium program. I was able to discuss these interesting developments with the today at the Navivision event in Paris. More details in the Navteq launch Traffic in Europe and GPS Probes topic of the "Traffic Information" forums.

Updated November 6th 2006 - Traffic information is a "hot topic" among GPS users who fight traffic day-in day-out, and while the big Traffic related "financial" news today is the purchase of by Navteq of course, the big "user" news is the launch of's WAP Portal that works particularly well on Windows Mobile Smartphones and PDAPhones. It appears to be quite a powerful and convenient solution especially in combination with the portal. Create your "Drives" and have them send you emails, RSS alerts or...

... view them directly on your phone. You can use this thread of the "Traffic Forums" to dicsuss.

Posted April 10th 2003 - Frequent visitors know that I consider Traffic Data to be the next milestone for GPS assisted navigation. Well it seems Mapopolis is leading the way here with Mapopolis ClearRoute. What they're doing is using traffic speed collected with sensors (data provided by TrafficCast) and then comparing it to speed by road class. Based on this comparison, the roads are "color coded" to indicate the fluidity of traffic and the routing engine will adapt your route accordingly....Unfortunately, being in Europe, I can't see it in action, but since all you need is an internet connection, I was able to download data and see the color-coding in action. Very nice and brings back memories of SV ;-)

There is a nice article on MSN that you can read by clicking on "read more" below to find out about pricing and availability. Better yet, you can try ClearRoute for yourself here

Anyway congrats to the Mapopolis team from breaking some new ground that others will no doubt follow for everyone's benefit!Mapopolis helps drivers avoid "traffic jams"
CLEVELAND, OH Apr. 9 – Mapopolis wants to help PDA users avoid traffic jams.

By the end of April, Mapopolis plans to release its ClearRoute service, which will alert PocketPC-based device users to traffic congestion and display alternate routes in 70 metropolitan areas. A trial version of the service with information about traffic in 10 metro areas is available now from the Mapopolis Web site.

The service works with PocketPC devices offered by wireless carriers, including T-Mobile, Sprint PCS and AT&T Wireless. Mapopolis plans to make the service available for Palm-based devices and Internet-capable cell phones in the future, says Jeremy Straub, VP of business solutions and alliances.

Subscribers get up-to-the-minute information about traffic along their normal commutes, as well as alternative routes around problem areas. For users of devices that can pinpoint a driver's location using GPS signals, ClearRoute will offer turn-by-turn directions around traffic jams. Subscribers will be warned of high traffic congestion via audio alerts and messages on their PDA screens.

Mapopolis determines traffic conditions by comparing posted speed limits with actual speed data that is collected by street sensors operated by local Departments of Transportation and other organizations. The service also predicts traffic on highly traveled commuter routes based on historical data.

The standard service will cost $20 per month; service for devices with GPS capabilities will cost $25 monthly. Mapopolis will sell the service directly, but also plans to offer it through retailers, online outlets and possibly wireless carriers.

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