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Navigon GPS - Q2/2011 Maps available in the USA
Posté le 29 juin 2011 à 14:32:00 par gpspassion. EN - "All in One" Solutions
Source : Gpspassion

Updated June 29th, 2011
Navigon have just made new quarterly maps available for North America right on schedule. The new Q2/2011 maps can be obtained via Navigon Fresh and with the two quarter delay they should equate to the Navteq Q4/2010 maps. You can use the Navigon FreshMaps - Q2/2011 Available topic of the "All in One" Navigation Systems to discuss.

Updated April 19th, 2011 - Navigon have just made new quarterly maps available for North America right on schedule. The new Q1/2011 maps can be obtained via Navigon Fresh and with the two quarter delay they should equate to the Navteq Q3/2010 maps. You can use the...

... Navigon FreshMaps - Q1/2011 Available topic of the "All in One" Navigation Systems to discuss.

Updated January 18th, 2011 - What with the end of the year this had somehow fallen off the radar, but Navigon did make new maps available for North America a month ahead of schedule. The new Q4/2010 maps are available via Navigon Fresh and with the two quarter delay they should equate to the Navteq Q2/2010 maps. You can use the...... Navigon FreshMaps - Q4/2010 Available topic of the "All in One" Navigation Systems to discuss.

Updated October 26th, 2010 - A few days early based on their update schedule, Navigon have made the Q3/2010 version of their maps available for North America via Navigon Fresh. With the two quarter delay, these should be Navteq Q1/2010 maps. You can use the...... Navigon FreshMaps - Q3/2010 Available topic of the "All in One" Navigation Systems to discuss.

Updated July 27th, 2010 - Just in time after the previous quarterly maps appeared almost three months ago, Navigon have made the Q2/2010 version of their maps available for North America via Navigon Fresh. With the two quarter delay, these should be Navteq Q4/2009 maps. You can use the Navigon FreshMaps - Q2/2010 Available topic of the "All in One" Navigation Systems to discuss...

Updated April 30th, 2010 - Navigon users in North America had to wait a long time last year for the Q3/2009 Fresh maps (Navteq Q1/2009) to become available and the Q4/2009 version never came out...Things are improving though in 2010 with the release this week of the Q1/2010 Fresh Maps, with users already noticing some significant updates in the maps...

Good news come in pair as they say and Navigon announced today the availability of a MAC version (OS X, v10.5 and above) of the Fresh software. You can use the Navigon FreshMaps - Q1/2010 Available topic of the "All in One" Navigation Systems to discuss.

Updated December 9th, 2009 - Even though Navigon exited the US market earlier this year, they market Navigon for iPhone with US maps and still have many customers who purchased a FreshMaps subscription and who were getting after a long wait......, Navigon have finally made new maps available in North America, the Q3/2009 edition which is likely based on the Navteq Q1/2009 release. European Navigon users have access to the Q4/2009 since the end of November and Garmin users to the Navteq Q2/2009, but this will have to do for now, you can use the Navigon FreshMaps - Q3/2009 Available topic of the "All in One" Navigation Systems to discuss.

Updated October 12th, 2009 - While US Navigon users are still wondering if they will receive more updates under the FreshMaps subscription they purchased (CS says "No", CEO says "short backlog"), Europe is getting a full range of new systems, the 14xx, 24xx, 63xx and 84xx....The 24xx gets an electronic compass for better performance in pedestrian mode (a first on a road system), the 63xx and 84xx the LIVE option and the 8410/8450 get a 5" capacitive screen (like the iPhone) and RealCity3D, an impressive 3D modeling of 16 European cities. Comments and pictures in the Navigon 8410 GPS with LIVE and RealCity3D topic of the "All in One" Navigation Systems forums.

Updated May 22nd, 2009 - While Navigon's exit from the North American market is now confirmed, they are still supporting existing customers with the release today of the Navigon Fresh Q2/2009 map update via the Navigon Fresh software. As in the past there is a delay compared with Navteq's own dates, normally two quarters, but these maps could be...

... Navteq Q1/2009 in light of their release date.

European users are now able to enjoy the new Navigon 7310 model and an update to turn the 7210 into a 7310 and the 8110 into a 8310 has been announced (German PR) for a price of €70.

Updated May 4th, 2009 - Shocking news today with various sources confirming that Navigon are about to exit the AIO GPS market in North America. This means the new 2009 models announced at CeBIT won't be released and that going forward they will only support existing models, something they have to do under the...

... FreshMap program, unless they buy out the contracts.

While market conditions are bad, it's hard to understand why they didn't try to "sit it out" a bit longer after spending significant time, energy and money launching their models on the US market in 2007...You can use the Navigon USA cancels new GPS models, to exit US ? topic of the "GPS and Mobile News" forums to discuss.

Updated March 2nd, 2009 - The CeBIT 2009 show is starting tomorrow in Hanover, Germany and Navigon are firing from all quarters on their home ground with no less than 5 models being launched, the NAVIGON 1300, 2310, 3300 Max, 4310/4350 Max, 7310. New models, and new software features too : City View 3D, MyRoutes, Professional Voice Command, Clever Parking, etc...that will have to be road tested to see how useful they are. In the US, Navigon are bundling the 4300 and 7300 models with "McNally Scenic Routes" sorted into categories like "weekend getaways" and "regional trips"....

... Again we'll have to see how usable these routes are, since our GPS systems really shine for live routing to a destination. You can use the New Navigon 2009 GPS Models with Rand McNally topic of the "GPS and Mobile News" forums to discuss.

Updated January 28th, 2009 - Navigon have just made their new Q1/2009 FreshMaps (Navteq Q3/2008) available via the FreshMaps program that offers 3 years of quarterly map updates for $79 MSRP (Street : $20-50 ), making it the cheapest program compared to Garmin's nuMaps Lifetime and TomTom's MapUpdate. You can use...

... the Navigon FreshMaps Update Q1 2009 Available topic started by JB2610 in the "All in One" Navigation Systems forums to discuss.

Updated November 17th, 2008 - The Navigon series 8 saw the light of day in Europe under the 8110T name in the spring and is finally making it to the US as the 8100T in late 2008. It stands out from the other GPS systems with its : 1. "Panorama View" that shows the actual terrain, impressive in hilly areas and in the mountains ! 2. Large 4.8" screen 3. Active car holder with "pole" mount 4. FreshMaps (quarterly map updated) subscription included. A nice list, however Navigon are asking...

... $500 for the 8100, a $200 premium over the recently relased 7200. Is it worth it ? You can use this topic of the "All in One" Navigation Systems forums to discuss.

Updated November 5th, 2008 - As expected the new Navigon Q4/2008 Maps (Navteq Q2/2008) maps are now available via the FreshMaps program, as well as a free MN|7 update for the 2100max and 2120max models. A good surprise since software upgrades are far and between on GPS systems...

... Not such a good surprise is TMC Traffic information that has stopped working properly with the Q4/2008 maps...As a side-note, if you don't have your Navigon Freshmaps subscription yet, you can get it at eCos for a low $25 vs the $79 MSRP as discussed in this topic of the "Hot Deals....Cold Deals" forums.

Updated October 17th, 2008 - The US didn't get the Navigon 8110 with its 4.8" screen and 3D Panorama View, but they are getting the new Navigon 7200t slightly ahead of Europe. This new high-end model boasts a 4.3" screen with no edges (think iPhone), 3D Landmarks, free lifetime traffic by ClearChannel, Reality View, SiRFInstantFixII Auto-AGPS, etc...but many existing Navigon users were anxious to know whether the quality of routing had improved compared to the previous Navigon models. Based on the first users it would appear that is has and so has the responsiveness of the interface. You can read that and see some first pictures in this topic of the "All in One" Navigation Systems forums...


Updated September 12th, 2008 - Navigon have just announced that they had signed a multi-year contract with Clear Channel to provide free traffic to all of their new models, the 1200/2200/7200, via the Total Traffic Network. While this appears to be a current trend in the industry, more unusual is their decision to exend that offer to the models in their current line-up, the 2100 Max and 2120 Max. Kudos to them for that and you'll find details on how to activate this offer in this topic of the...

... News forums.

Updated August 22nd, 2008 - While the Navigon 8110 with its unique terrain rendering is only available in Europe for now, Navigon recently introduced a new model to the US market, the Navigon 2110 max with "big features and a bigger screen" to quote them. A tall order, but Paul certainly liked what he saw when he reviewed it in this article, particularly the Reality View, the Lane Assistance and the convenient TMC Traffic antenna...

In other news, Navigon have announced the Navigon 7200, a slimmed down version of the 7100 it seems with a new feature, "Landmark View3D". More details should soon be available at the upcoming IFA show in Germany.

Updated August 1st, 2008 - The Navigon FreshMaps program has now launched in the US, just in time to meet the July 31st deadline for the release of Q3/2008 FreshMaps that are in fact Navteq Q2/2008 maps. Still these are the most up to date maps available on a GPS system at this point, Garmin's "2009 maps" being Navteq 2007 based, and represents a little revolution in the world of GPS where getting map updates has always been problematic. The fact that Navigon are only asking $79 (street price : $59) for 3 years and 12 map updates makes it a deal that's difficult to pass on...... Forum member aljacket has downloaded the maps and has started sharing his thoughts in this topic of the ""All in One" Navigation Systems" forums.

Updated May 23rd, 2008 - The v1.2 update has now been made available by Navigon for all the models released in 2007 and if you downloaded it for your 5100 before April 30th, there is a new update waiting for you. All in all, users seem quite happy with this new version and with the new maps but some tweaks might still be necessary as discussed in...

...this topic of the forums. Next up for Navigon users the first FreshMaps update planned for this summer.

Updated April 28th, 2008 - As expected the free software and map updates we discussed earlier this month have become available for the 2100 and 5100 Navigon GPS systems with some interesting user feedback in this topic of the forums. The availability of the 7100 update has been pushed back to May 14th.

Updated April 9th, 2008 - While the v1.1 update rolled out in February did not provide any particular routing enhancements, Navigon have just announced that the upcoming v1.2 update would help in that area. Possibly because it will come with new maps, provided for free. Availability will be gradual, the 5100 models will be first on April 17th, the 2100 will be next on April 22nd and finally the 7100 series on April 30th. This should be a good real-life trial for the Navigon Fresh program that is live in Europe with the Q2/2008 release based on Q4/2007 maps and will start in the US in Q3.... You can use this topic of the forums to discuss.

Updated February 4th, 2008 - While there are no further news on the 8100, this will likely have to wait for CeBIT in March, closer to us, Navigon USA have just released Update Release v1.1 for the 2100, 5100 and 7100 AIOs. In what is apparently an update to software version v6.5.2, they claim that POI searches, voice guidance, TTS (Text to Speech) and the User Interface have been improved. Unfortunately there is no mention of...... the "quircky" routing algorithms that have been the talk of the forums, even if they seem to affect some users/areas more than others. More details on both these topics in this thread of the AIO forums.

Updated January 21st, 2008 - With a succesful year under their belt in the US with the launch of the 5100, 7100 but mostly the 2100, the "black friday" star, Navigon are working on Series 8 with the 8110 powered by MN|7. The upcoming 8110 is a stylish affair with its brushed metal finish and large 4.8" screen, but also a powerful one with 128Mb of RAM and a graphics coprocessor on board. MN|7 has been optimized to offer a faster response time and the "extended lanes" feature has been given more space for improved visibility. No firm relase date yet, but...... in the meantime you can use this topic of the GPS and Mobile News forums to discuss.

Updated December 5th, 2007 - No specific numbers by GPS model for "Black Friday 2007", but GPS was the biggest hit this year according to this NPD Group Report, and the Navigon 2100 has certainly attracted many new users who have been sharing their feedback and tweaking it away (Adding POIs, Optimizing routes, Creating skins, Activating WinCE, etc...). A good place to start to catch up with the various thread is the new ** NAVIGON INDEX ** in the AIO (All in One) forums. Enjoy...

...Updated November 22nd, 2007 - The jury is still out but it seems the Navigon 2100 could be the "GPS Black Friday Star" of 2007 with a price tag of $100 with free lifetime traffic and the unique "Reality View" display of highway intersections. Make sure you read the 2100 Topic as it has a few shortcomings, mainly when it comes to routing, but it can likely be tweaked like the 7100...<

Regardless of which GPS you purchase tomorrow, good luck and we'll see you in the forums to share user experiences and tweaks.

Updated August 2n, 2007 - After focusing on software development and relying on well known brands to bring products to market (Becker, Sony or Pioneer), Navigon are launching their first AIOs, the 3.5"/SD 5100 and the 4.3"/HD 7100. With their sleek design and full featured MN|6.5 software, notably with the "Reality View" feature that gives a realistic rendering of freeway intersections, they are attracting a lot of attention....... They are available for pre-order at Amazon for $499 and $649 (aff.) respectively.

Having had the opportunity to use the 7100 extensively in the US over the past month, I can confirm it has a lot going for it (excellent map rendering, informative navigation information pannels, convenient trip planning, etc...) even if some fine-tuning will be required to optimize short-distance routes. You can catch-up with this thread for my detailed notes from the road.

Updated September 20th, 2006 - Yes, more AIO news but this one is big as a household name is entering the GPS AIO market ! While not as impressive as the Porsche Design uBlox based AIO we discussed a earlier this month, the Rand McNally GPS Navigator has the advantage of immediate availability in the US for $499, at Amazon (aff.) for instance where they even have a detailed review...... !

Technically speaking, the hardware is based on the solid Mitac Oscar 210 platform that has proved very successful in Europe on the Mio, Navman or Medion AIOs, and the software is based on the powerful Navigon software, with an apparent blend of the MN|4, MN|5 and MN|6 versions. You can use this thread of the "News" forums to discuss.

Updated 09/11 - While Navigon MN|6 has yet to appear on PDAs or Smartphones, it has found its way to some AIOs such as the "iPod" like Fujitsu Loox N100 this summer in Europe, and it is now moving on to the 4.3" screen systems with the Transonic 7000T and most notably the Porsche Design P'9611, a very impressive entry with it's stylish design and dual processor setup (CPU+Graphics chip). Of interest is also the first appearance of the uBlox Antaris 4 SuperSense chipset...

... on an AIO, my first tests of this chipset on a Bluetooth GPS have left me quite impressed. All these systems seem to be Europe only for now, more pictures and comments in this thread of the AIO forums.

Updated 02/21/2006 - Unlike last year, the new version of the NAVIGON navigation software (known in the USA as OCN) has been announced before CeBIT, although not quite "officially". We were given a "closed doors" preview on a laptop last week at the 3GSM Show...

..., but others got away with some screenshots it seems. Anyway, you can take at the "Fraunhofer Insitute" redesigned UI in this thread of the forums, thanks to Adams.

Posted 03/11/2005 - NAVIGON announced at CeBIT 2005 the arrival of MobileNavigator|5 that will be available for PocketPC as was MN|4, but also for "All-in-One" devices and Smartphones......

What's New :
- An "Easy" quickstart mode
- More colourful user interface
- Speed alert based on the type of road being driven
- "Signpost" pop-ups for more precise guidance
- Coverage now includes the USA and the Gulf Region on top of Europe. Will ship on two DVDs with later optional online activation via CleverMap.

Here are the links to the pages on NAVIGON's site for each version: PocketPC - All in One - Smartphone and lets not forget the new Bluetooth TMC GPS receiver, the TriCeiver.

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