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HP terminates iPaq 310 GPS, Gives up on the PND Market - Customize your 310 !
Posté le 09 mars 2009 à 12:09:00 par gpspassion. EN - "All in One" Solutions
Source : Gpspassion

Updated March 9th, 2009
HP has finally put out the iPaq 310 owners of their misery, so to speak, by confirming that it will no longer be updated and that in fact they are no longer in the PND market. This was their full statement : "HP is no longer in the PND market and has no plans to introduce a new model. We continue to include GPS and LBS applications like navigation in our smart phones, but will not release any new pure PNDs going forward." as forwared by a forum member.

While the PND market has certainly become difficult, one can't help but think that HP didn't make the most of the iPaq 310 released in late 2007 with stellar features (800x480 screen, AGPS, iGO8's "liquid navigation") but was then poorly supported, with confusing software and map updates and not very functional PC companion software. All is not lost however as some enterprising souls have found ways to "customize" the iPaq by adding WiFi for instance.

Updated April 14th, 2008 - HP's first iPaq AIO (All-in-One) GPS known as the iPaq 310in North America, the 312 in Asia, 314 in Western Europe and 316 in Eastern Europe has been quite popular with users thanks to its unique 800x480 high resolution screen and use of the "liquid" iGo 8 software with 3D terrain and buildings...

...As with most GPS systems, some bugs needed to be ironed, especially since iGo 8 is only about to tbe released by NavNGo, and this is what the software update rolled out by HP this week-end aims to do as discussed in the iPaq 310 - User Reviews topic. Brace yourself though as you'll be downloading 1+ GB worth of data so back up your system in case something goes wrong.

Also be sure to check out the list of tips and tweaks compiled by forum members over the past 6 monhts to improve the user experience, more vibrant map colors, a pedestrian mode, HOV lanes, speed signs in Europe, etc...

Updated November 5th, 2007 - After a two month wait that felt longer since HP's site kept showing a Day+2 shipment date, the much anticipated iPaq 310 (800x480 display, iGo v8 with real 3D, Autonomy, Titan 600Mhz, etc...) is available and forum member "rockymtnwulf" has been kind enough to share some detailed pros and cons as well as pictures...... Head over to [TOPIC] iPaq 310 - User Reviews for more.

Updated September 6th, 2007 - Among the 5 new mobile devices announced by HP today, see details, the iPaq 314 is the one that stands out, at least GPS wise, as it is a GPS "Tablet" with stunning specs : - 4.3" screen with a 800x480 resolution (vs 480x272 on current 4.3" AIOs) - 600Mhz Centrality Titan DualCore platform on-board GPS - "Autonomy" feature to pre-calculate ephemeris data - 3D Navigation with building rendering.....

Again, stunning features that will need to be tested in the feld. In the meantime, you can use this thread of the "News" forums to discuss.

Updated February 9th, 2007 - After launching their first GPS enabled PDA in 2005 with the hw6515, and upgrading it in 2006 to the hw6915, HP went back to a more standard PDA design with the rx5700/5915 "Travel Companion" that we reviewed in this article. It has proved quite popular thanks to it's sleek format, long battery life, pre-loaded TomTom v6, but some users complained about the problematic "SN" setting that prevented pedestrian use. This has now been fixed in the sp34272/v3.2.2 upgrade made available by HP and some other settings have been changed as well. They are analyzed in detail in...... >> PAGE 2 << of the article.

Updated June 9th, 2006 - HP is readying the hw6915, the first GPSPDAPhone with GPS, GSM (Edge data), Bluetooth and WiFi, but they are still improving the 6515 and the...

... new v1.21 ROM offers a few "radio" fixes but also includes the v2.03 GPS drivers that GpsPasSion visitors have been enjoying for a while, only now it resides in ROM saving precious memory.

Also of interest is the availability of 10 day AGPS files from the Globallocate server, which could come in handy if you''''''''re going on a trip abroad and want to save on roaming costs but still want to enjoy the 5 second quick fixes, more details in this thread of the forums.

Updated 03/31 - After some disappointment with the v2.02 version of the GPS drivers that brought some notably improved tracking accuracy but sometimes saw TomTom "lose the plot", there is a new 2.03 version to try, and according to early reports no such problems so far. You can download the update in this thread of the forums....

Updated 03/16 - The much anticipated upgrade of the GPS drivers for the HP hw6515 is now available as v2.02 to GpsPasSion visitors before it makes its way to next full ROM update. The two main improvements include the possibility to get a position without AGPS and most importantly a much improved accuracy as seen...... in this comparison. You can download the update in this thread of the forums.

Updated 01/29 - GpsPasSion visitors had already been able to get a preview of the new GPS drivers for Christmas and the new v1.28 version is now available on the new mobile website of Globallocate, who provide the GPS module for the HP hw6500 and who pioneered AGPS over the internet, see the hw6500 review article for more details. This mobile site will host future upgrades with the next one due in Q1. You can use this thread to discuss.

Updated 01/11 - Feeling a bit adventurous and want to use your HP6500 as an external Bluetooth GPS ? Then give nkapur''''''''s program a try, see details in this thread of the "Beta GPS software" forums.

Updated 12/25 - A nice Christmas present for the owners of the HP hw6500, count me in......, who enjoy using this PDAPhone as a complete mobile terminal, GSM, GPS, Keyboard, Bluetooth, with very fast GPS acquisition thanks to its unique AGPS implementation, but have complained about uneven tracking performance when driving around dense urban areas. HP is planning a GPS firmware upgrade to v1.27 in early 2006, but thanks to site visitor Danebo, GpsPasSion members can try it out right now. Click here for the download link and upgrade feedback.
Updated 11/02 - The HP hw6500 was released in Europe during the summer and is now arriving in the US. I have been using extensively for the past few months and have adopted it as my main "mobile data platform", thanks to its support for high speed Edge connectivity and convenient keyboard. But how does it stack up GPS wise ? Find out in this comprehensive review that takes a close look at the AGPS implementation based on Globallocate's LTO (Long Term Orbit) approach.

Updated 04/27 - The release of the HP hw6500 is now imminent and its GPS side is being unveiled with TomTom (v4 for now) being the navigation software in a new 240x240 format (screenshots here)... with one town included for free. Less expected is the first appearance with "HP Quick Connect" of a type of AGPS (Assisted GPS - more details here) on a PDA, to improve satellite acquisition time and therefore battery life. This is particularly interesting because this aiding is being delivered over the internet and not a cellular network as AGPS has been so far, so it could be deployed on any connected PDA in theory.

You can join this thread in the forums to discuss.

Posted 02/10
Over the past few days, information has been circulating about the iPAQ Mobile Messenger (hw6500 family), the first PDAPhone with a built-in GPS that joins the ranks of PDAs sporting a GPS such as the Mio168 or Garmin iQue''''''''s. Other items of note include the first ever "square" screen on a PocketPC ( 240x240 pixels versus the usual 4/3 display in 320x240 or 640x480) likely to allow for the presence of a keyboard without unduly "stretching" the device..

In anticipation of its official launch at the 3GSM in Cannes next week (to be covered in GpsPasSion Live !), here's a GpsPasSion exclusive, the first "user" pics of the hw6500 in this thread of the News Forums.

Lu : 38602 | Suite de l'article... ( mots)

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