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Mio AIOs 2007 - ROM Update for Euro C520 - Black Friday star again with C220 ?
Posté le 15 novembre 2007 à 16:56:00 par gpspassion. EN - "All in One" Solutions
Source : Gpspassion

Updated November 15th, 2007
Mio have just released a major ROM upgrade for the C520, the European version for now apparently, with a switch from R15 to R37 and some improvements in the speed of the interface as confirmed by some users and a claimed improvement of the sometimes "choppy" sound but that has yet to be seen. More details in this thread of the Mio forums.

Last year's Black Friday is what put Mio on the map in the US with the C310x, will they do it again this year with the C220 at $80? It will be tough as there is going to be cutthroat competition for that spot, as seen in the Black Friday Sales topic of the "Hot Deals" section.

Updated June 28th, 2007 - Thanks to Moonbear for obtaining and sharing some more information about the upcoming upgrade. Notably the maps will be TeleAtlas 2006.10 maps like on the C220 and C520, not the 2007.1 used on OcN6...

... The jury is still out on what the "firmware upgrade" entails, but it apparently won't be MioMap 3.3.

Updated June 28th - The long wait is over, Mio have made just made information available about the Map update for the Mio C310x, the "Black Friday" star of 2006. The good news is that the price is right at $20 (compared to the $75 that Garmin now charge) with a choice of having a DVD shipped or the upgrade performed at a "Circuit City" near you. What remains unclear at this point is whether the maps are TeleAtlas 2006.10 or TeleAtlas 2007.01 and if the "firmware update" means the MioMap software will be upgraded to version 3.3 like on the Mio C520T, notably with a "smart keyboard". More details in this thread of the MioNav forums.

Updated May 30th - While the AIO (All in One) market leaders are clearly Garmin and TomTom, WinCE based AIOs have been very popular with users who like to experiment on top of navigate, as these units can be "customized", i.e. be used as a Video Player, for off-road navigation, to take notes, view spreadsheets, etc...This "customizing" actually goes back all the way to the "Internet appliances" of 2000 such as the...

... ePod! Anyway, the Mio C310x has attracted a lot of users with this "feature" and there was some concern that the new Mio C520 HD AIO would not follow suit. Good news, some progress has been made over the past two days thanks to Moonbear. Read all about it in this thread of the forums.

Updated May 11th - While owners of the Mio C310x, the "BF Star" of 2006, are feverishly waiting for the map update to be made available, something that could be imminent according to this message, new users...

... are enjoying their first trips with the Mio C220. The C220 is a stripped down version of the C310x, with no hadrware buttons, but it remains customizable, both to "wake up" WindowsCE and to modify the skins.

Updated April 20th, 2007 - Mio ended 2006 on a high note in Europe with a position in the top 3 and in the US where the Mio C310x was the undisputed Black Friday "Star". 2007 looks promising as well with the first shipments of the Mio C220 in the US and of the slick C320/520 Slim HD GPS in Europe. Hopefully they will soon make it to the US as well and in the meantime you can read my Picture and +/- Review in the section of the forums...

Updated December 19th, 2006 - Likely spurred by the unexpected success of the Mio C310x, the "Black Friday Star", Mio have made a first update available notable to fix the "DC Bug" that can seen on the left. More details in this thread of the...

... new forums on GpsPasSion.

Updated November 26th - After sticking with Destinator since 2003 and the Mio 168 bundle, Mio USA have switched to iGO as well and to make sure no one would miss that, the Mio C310x was available at $149 for "Black Friday", making it one of the stars of the day. Judging by the number of questions about it, Google must have led a lot of new buyers to GpsPasSion, but in case you need some pointers, feel free to...

... join the Mio 310x [SINGLE TOPIC] for a list of useful links (Maps, POIs, Skins, Customization, Video, etc...) and user feedback.

Updated 10/13 - Mio are sticking to Destinator in the USA for the time being but Europe and Australia did get a customized version of the "liquid" iGO software that will soon be reviewed here in its US version. Mio have recently rolled out the v3 PDA version as well as a v3.2 update for the C210/510/710 AIOs that can be installed using the instructions...... in this thread of the AIO forums.

Updated 05/12 - Some new developments since yesterday with the new Mio C310 and C710 AIOs being available in the US, but with Destinator in what appears to be v6. A forum member has just ordered one, so we should soon find out for sure....

Updated 05/11/2006 - While Mio did not bring the 268+/269+ to the US market, they did very well with them in Europe and they are now readying a full range of new AIOs, the C210, C510 and C710 with the C310 and C710 being slated for release in the US.

I first caught a glimpse of the C510 at 3GSM in February and while the device was appealing, the big news was the new MioMap v3 software (v1 was Destinator and v2 Navigon) developed "in house". The UI felt a bit slow at the time and the graphics looked "rough", but I was told that the final version would be improved...the same version was shown to the press in Paris in late March, but something must have happened in the meantime as the Mio site is showing the C210 with the "liquid" iGO graphics (previewed here). This looks like good news for the end user, especially since Mio announced POI alerts and TMC, features not yet available on iGo for PDAs, so there may have been some rush development that will benefit all versions of iGO. You can use this thread to discuss.

Updated 08/25/2005 - Based on the limited feedback in the forums, it doesn't appear that the Mio "all-in-one" GPS systems have had much success in the US compared with Europe, but that may change with the arrival of the "+" versions that keep the same overall design but with a SiRFstarIII chipset, making them the first "all-in-one" systems using this powerful chipset...

Catch up with this discussion thread for more details and pictures.

Updated 07/11/05
It seems that the "all-in-one" Mio 268 and 269 navigation solutions are now arriving in the USA after becoming available in Europe during the spring. A notable change is the use of the Destinator PN software solution in landscape mode, while MioMap was based on Navigon 4 in Europe. The question is whether the US versions will also be "customizable"......>.

Catch up with this discussion thread for more details.

Updated 01/21/05
The Mio 268 and 269 are now available in Belgium for €399 and €554, which is particularly attractive for the 269 with its 2.5Gb MD that comes loaded with full European maps and 700Mb of free space...

When they were introduced in November the navigation software hadn't been chosen yet, and they have since settled for Navigon with a version that seems to take after the one used on the bluemedia, a device very popular in France since it was launched in early December. No details as to whether other software, such as an mp3 player, is included or whether it will be possible to "customize" it (link in French) like the bluemedia.

With Navigon software powering these devices and since they have maps for North America, the door is open for a US version that has yet to be announced however.

Posted 11/12/04
Mio chose the Digital Living Festival organised by CNET in Paris on November 10th, to introduce the Mio 268 and Mio 269 previously known as the Mio 188 (see news)......

First comments and pictures in this article and you can discuss the Mio GPS v2 in this thread of the "All in One Navigation Systems" forums.

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