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Review - PocketMap Navigator
Posté le 18 mai 2004 à 11:37:07 par gpspassion.

PocketMap Navigator 2004

Site regular igurevich38, author of the World Map Database has just completed his extensive review of PocketMap Navigator 2004 by Space Machine! The third installement of PMN is an impressive achievement, combining usability with many bells and whistles at an excellent price!

Index to the review:
1. Overview
2. Look and Feel
3. 3D View
4. Route Calculation
5. GPS Navigation Instructions
6. Map Accuracy
7. Map Quality
8. Saving and Sharing Data
9. Transferring Maps to the Pocket PC
10. Tech Support
11. Summary

This way to the review (in the forums)

As a reminder you can discuss "all things PMN" in the PocketMap Official Forum in the Official Forums Section

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