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CoPilot v6 Reviewed
Posté le 12 mars 2006 à 22:09:48 par gpspassion.

CoPilot Reviews

Updated 02/24/2006
As mentioned late last year, a review copy did make its way to Paul who since spent several weeks using CoPilot v6 on the road to get a good feel for the pros and cons of the new version. He takes an in-depth at it in this article.

Updated 11/17/2005 - One of the first GPS assisted navigation software solutions for PDA's, ALK's CoPilot is still going strong and has now reached its v6. Among the new features on offer is a real "moving map" mode with some unique mileage markers to get a better sense of distances in 3D mode. A review copy should be on its way to Paul, and we already have some interesting feedback by Kingweed who's been using CoPilot since its v3 but had recently moved to TomTom 5 and iGuidance v2...

CoPilot v4 Reviews
CoPilot software, designed by ALK was one of the first GPS Assisted Navigation solutions available for PocketPCs back in 2001. While many new competitors have joined the field since, ALK has strived to keep CoPilot up to date. GpPasSion regulars Mick and Chris share their thoughts in detail with their reviews of the UK and USA versions, respectively.

And if you have any questions or comments, this discussion thread in the forums is the place to go!

  CoPilot v4 - USA >>

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