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"All Terrain" PocketPC GPS
Posté le 12 août 2003 à 00:55:24 par gpspassion.

1. Index

Since the site was launched a year ago, the main focus has been on GPS Assisted Road Navigation, with its consumer friendly solutions built around Vector* based maps developed for North America and Western Europe. While new features are being added all the time, I feel that these solutions have now somewhat matured, so it might be a good time to take a look at the so-called "moving map" software that uses Raster* Maps and will provide GPS Assisted Navigation where vector maps don't exist, but also in different settings such as bike riding, hiking, sailing, etc...

As usual, GpsPasSion aims to share real "user-experience", so this article will take a look at various software and hardware solutions, highlighting their pros and cons and showing some "real-life" applications.

Here's the "menu":
1. Index
2. Worldwide Map Database - igurevich38 - NEW!
3. Memory Map/Ozi Explorer comparison - Lombard0
4. Memory Map v4 "Family" of software review - Lombard0 - UPDATED!
5. Outdoor Navigator review - Lombard0
6. Bike riding with a PocketPC - GpsPasSion
7. Connecting a Dell to a Garmin GPS
8. Power on the Go with Charge'In! - GpsPasSion

Forums. "Off-Road" GPS Software Discussion Forums

* See the difference between a "vector" and a "raster" map here

Click on the item number or in the drop down menu at the top right for direct access to a section of the review

  2. Worldwide Map Database - igurevich38 >>

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