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Windows Mobile on PDAs and Smartphones
Posté le 05 juillet 2003 à 14:50:41 par gpspassion.

10/2006 - Windows Mobile 5.0SE/5.5 "Crossbow" on Smartphones - Preview

As seen in our September 2006 poll, Windows Mobile remains a popular GPS Navigation platform in spite of the rise of the AIOs, with the PDA "flavour" coming out on top. The Smartphone "flavour" has gained a lot of traction though since it was launched at the end of 2002 though as seen in this article and this will probably go a step further with the upcoming "Crossbow" platform, that may or may not be called WM5.0SE, WM5.5 or WM6.0 when it is released.

These days there is quite a bit of confusion between Smartphones and PDAPhones, but when Smartphones first came out at the tail end of 2002 with the Orange SPV / Qtek 1010 they were the first phones running on a Windows/WinCE platform. At the time WinCE was used mostly on PocketPCs that came all the way from the fist Windows CE 1.0 devices launched in 1997. A lot of "convergence" has happened since, with PocketPCs having had GPS and GSM/CDMA modules grafted on and Smartphones acquiring more power and the higher resolution screens of the PocketPCs. Today, the main differences are the touchscreen that remains a PDA exclusive and a more limited number of applications running on Smartphones, notably Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and GPS related.

This might change with the arrival of Crossbow that takes the convergence further as seen below in an exclusive look at its Smartphone version. Note the new icon based program menu and the presence of Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

If you have questions or comments, you can use this thread of the "GPS and Mobile News" forums.

<< 07/2003 - PocketPC - WM2003 is a Screamer!  

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