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Windows Mobile on PDAs and Smartphones
Posté le 05 juillet 2003 à 14:50:41 par gpspassion.

07/2003 - PocketPC - WM2003 is a Screamer!

So we've all read about WM2003 (Windows Mobile 2003, previously known as PocketPC 2003) being an "incremental" upgrade compared with PocketPC 2002. On the surface it's true that little has changed, but then that might not be such a bad thing when we try to remember the rather steep learning curve, even for a "PC Veteran" ;-)

Under the hood, though nearly everything has changed with the base OS moving from Windows CE 3.0 to Windows CE 4.2 More modern and more "developer" friendly I'm told thanks to the CE.Net Framework. I'm not in a position to pass judgement on that so I'll assume it's true ;-)

As an end-user, I'm more interested in seeing what WM2003 changes to the "user experience". To find out I upgraded my iPAQ 3970 to WM2003 and immediately noticed much speedier overall operation! To confirm that I ran the recently released Spb Benchmark that Jason Dunn from both Spb Sofware House and PocketPCthoughts kindly shares with the PocketPC community.

Anyway, the results speak for themselves, WM2003 is a screamer!,"viddy" for yourself ;-)

It keeps getting better! I'm finding that Intellinav (OEM for Routis, MyNavigator and iGuidance) calculates routes about 5 (yes five) times faster under WM2003 ?!

  10/2006 - Windows Mobile 5.0SE/5.5 "Crossbow" on Smartphones - Preview >>

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