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Posté le 26 avril 2003 à 16:36:49 par gpspassion.

SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS) - Info and Tools

Note: The EGNOS system is currently in test mode and the corrections that are being sent are not reliable. Several of us have even noticed a degradation of the quality of the GPS position after activating SBAS in Europe.

1. General
2. GPSTweak tutorial

1. General:

It seems that SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) is finally coming into its own on the PocketPC platform thanks to the GPSTweak (formerly SiRFTweak) utility.

It is now possible to "poll" the WAAS/EGNOS status and "toggle" WAAS/EGNOS on and off. This will put the GPS in auto mode, which is a good compromise although it's sometimes preferable to select a specific satellite (Cruxview does that).

GPStweak is still in beta but the WAAS/EGNOS part is quite functional as I was able to verify.

On the PC Platorm, provided you have a SiRF based receiver, the best tool for SBAS is SiRF's own SiRFdemo program that shows a wealth of information in SiRF mode, including the corrections in meters sent by the SBAS satellites for each satellite use in the "fix". You can get version 3.36 of SiRFdemo here.

Position of SBAS Satellites
If you want to find out the elevation and azimuth of either of the 4 WAAS satellites (2 US WAAS and 2 Europe EGNOS), you can go here:
- WAAS 1 - PRN 122
- WAAS 2 - PRN 134
- EGNOS 1 - PRN 120
- EGNOS 2 - PRN 131

You can read more about SBAS on here

Another good read on SBAS

To clarify a common misunderstanding made about WAAS and navigation software, I'll copy here an answer I posted in the forums:
"WAAS is activated in SiRF mode as you've found with GPSTweak, but it will also be used in NMEA mode even if the NMEA data feed doesn't "show" the NMEA satellite. The NMEA data feed has positional data and that will take WAAS into account. The navigation software doesn't "do" anything to the GPS signal, it just receives it."

  2. GPSTweak Tutorial >>

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