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CeBIT 2003 GPS Report
Posté le 22 mars 2003 à 10:57:05 par gpspassion.

CeBit 2003 - Index


Here's the GpsPasSion report on CeBIT 2003. First of all, thanks to Birgit for making this trip possible!

I arrived in the late afternoon of Sunday the 16th and left around noon on the 18th, so that was a bit of a marathon and I had to focus on GPS and Navigation related exhibits, even missing a few (sorry!) in the process.

Anyway here's what you'll find here (go to the drop down box for direct access):

1. CeBIT 2003 Overview
2. GPS Hardware
3. Navigation Software
4. Standalone GPS Solutions
5. Other Items

  1. CeBIT 2003 Overview >>

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