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GpsPasSion Club
Posté le 11 décembre 2002 à 23:06:02 par gpspassion.

Special offers available to GpsPasSion Club members

UPDATED 20090414

Important Disclaimer:
The inclusion of a special Club Member discount does not mean that the product offered or the Entity offering it are endorsed by You'll only find here products that GpsPasSion believes are good values, but this is subjective and you may disagree. In any case, GpsPasSion can not be held responsible by either an Individual or an Entity in case of a dispute.

Current Offers

 Start: 12/13/2002
 Available in: Worldwide
 Products: Dataloggers, Bluetooth and USB GPS receivers, Live GPS trackers, etc...
 Special offer: 10% discount or new in 2009 : $10 off (with a $25 order)

 Dates: 01/01/03
 Zone: US and Europe
 Product: IGPSJ Sleeve
 Discounts: Free Antenna ($30 value) - LIMITED QUANTITIES

Offer: PLUS Version of * : All the speedcams of the radarsenfrance database - 16,000+ at 14/04/2009 including 1,493 fixed speedcams - (standard version limited to 8,000 radars) with updates every 15 days **

Questions? You can use the forums

Join now and get access to these special member offersWhen you send your donation, just indicate what special discount(s) you're interested in and you'll receive by return email a special link to the Entity's website or a coupon code.

* Access to the speedcam database is guaranteed at the time you join. While every effort will be made to maintain the PLUS version, no guarantee can be given that it will remain available for the duration of your subscription, particularly, due to outside reasons such as government regulations

** Based on observations made between 01/2004 and 10/2008, this is only for indicative purposes.

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