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GpsPasSion Club
Posté le 11 décembre 2002 à 23:06:02 par gpspassion.

"What's in it" for the members and how it works

What members bring to the table

- Individuals - Paypal donations
- Entities - Special discounts offered to members
- The site - Time, knowledge and assistance

What members get

So now there'll be some of "it" for everybody as in "what's in it for me":
- Individuals will have an incentive to support the site (other than just keeping it going ;-)) by getting access to special discounts and access to personalized assistance
- Entities will be able to get some "eyes" on their products and will be offered a section in the forums
- GpsPasSion will get some support but will not depend on actual purchases to be supported, so no loss of independence (if you decide to use a discount offered by an entity, GpsPasSion will not get any cut on the sale)

How it works in detail:

1) Personalized assistance:

Any donation of your choice will give you acces to the private "personalized assistance" section of the forums on top of the wealth of information available on the site and the forums. When someone makes a donation, I get advised by email and send a thank you note inquiring what system they have and if they need any help. This is "best efforts" based naturally, so if it doesn't work out, I can't be held reponsible. If you've got reasonable reasons to be really unhappy with the assistance you get, a refund of the net amount of your donation will be given.

2) Access to special Club Member discounts/offers:

A donation of:
- $15 - one (1) discount of your choice (or 10 euros if you're located in Europe)
- $20 - Two (2) discounts of your choice (or 25 euros if you're located in Europe) or access to the Full ("PLUS" version) GpsPasSion Speedcam database for ONE YEAR.

The specific offers by the Entities will generally be limited in time but there's no time limit to use these x discounts you're granted. There's no guarantee you'll find discounts to your liking over the course of time though or that any more than the 4 original ones will be offered in the future, but we'll work on it ;-)

When you send your donation, just indicate what special discount(s) you're interested in and you'll receive by return email a special link to the Entities website or a coupon code.

Sounds good? Find out about the special offers now!

You can use the forums

USA: (US$)
EUROPE: (Euro)

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