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GpsPasSion Club
Posté le 11 décembre 2002 à 23:06:02 par gpspassion.

The GpsPasSion Club

So why do we need a club?

It seems to be the best way to keep the site going and bring you great deals at the same time.

Some history
When the site was first started in August 2002, it was just a spot to share my thoughts on the groundbreaking Bluetooth GPS prototype that I'd just bought. You can go here for more details on that.

Back in November '02, I came to the realization that this site was taking much more time than I'd bargained for and came up with a "Support The Site" program via Paypal donation. More details here. Nearly two months and a few generous donators (thanks again!) later, it can't be called a success ;-)

So what's next?
What I know is that I need to find a way to justify keeping the site going, but I also want to keep the way the more than 20,000 daily visitors like it, with all the news, the helpful forums, the unique "Pros & Cons" reviews, the comprehensive databases for GPS hardware and navigation software and last but not least, the opiniated and unbiased approach. So that pretty much means no commissions on sales by affiliates to whom I would refer traffic and sales. That's where the GpsPasSion Club comes into play.

The GpsPasSion Club

There'll be three types of members:
- Individual Members ("Individual" or "Individuals")- via Paypal donations
- Entity Members ("Entity" or "Entities")- via special discounts offered to members and a spot in the forums
- The site (i.e. me for the time being) ("GpsPasSion" or "")- via time, knowledge and assistance

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