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GpsPasSion Club
Posté le 11 décembre 2002 à 23:06:02 par gpspassion.

1. GpsPasSion Club - Overview

UPDATED 20060707

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Overview: The idea behind the GpsPassion Club is to bring together individuals and entities who want to support the site in a program that will hopefully bring the "it" in the famous "what's in it for me?" question ;-)

The main attractions for individuals will be the special member discounts they can get on GPS hardware and software and the personalized assistance via a private section of the forums. Much more is on offer though so please read on.

1. Overview
2. The GpsPasSion Club
3."What's in it" for the members?
4.Special offers available to GpsPasSion Club members

Current Member Offers:

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