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Previewed : Garmin nuvi 1xx0
Posté le 15 mai 2009 à 12:59:18 par gpspassion.

PREVIEWED - NUVI 12xx, 13xx, 1490
12xx (3.5" screen) - 13xx (4.3") - 1490 (5") - CityXplorer Option

From top to bottom : 12xx (3.5" screen), 13xx (4.3" screen), 1490 (5" screen)

I had the opportunity to visit the new Garmin France offices in Nanterre just outside Paris to the West and was given a presentation of the new nuvi 1xxx series as well as the Zumo 660 (see separate topic). Unlike the 2xx series that was an entry-level 3xx/6xx when it came out and a bit like the 2x5 that predated the 7x5, the 1xxx has an identity of its own and introduces some new features not found on other nuvi models...Garmin's "feature peppering" at play some will complain...

Let's see what we have here :
1. New form factor : slim is in
2. New interface supposed to be easier to grasp for the user, can't say the nuvi interface as we know it since the 350 came out in late 2005 felt complex, but the tweaks are there.
3. Customizable map display mode, standard (two info fields) or vertical (four info fields). The info fields are customizable as opposed to none on most of the nuvis, and the right one only on the 7x5.
4. CityXplorer Mode : this is a major change in direction making good use of the new CityXplorer Maps based on Navteq's DiscoverCities maps with reach "pedestrian" attributes : paths, transit systems.

Now let's take a closer look with pictures and comments, if you have questions or comments you can use this topic of the nuvi forums.:


From left to right : 12xx (3.5" screen), 13xx (4.3" screen), 1490 (5" screen)

The 1490 is quite a handful...

...but it's very slim

The 1490 (5" screen), compared to the nuvi 765 (4.3"), TomTom 740 (4.3") and Navigon 8110 (4.8")

And to the nuvi 765 - quite striking !

And the whole family again


Starting off with an old feature that was missed and is back : a quick press of the on/off button pulls up the brightness cursor with screen lock (and backlight off after 30 seconds) and on/off

As on the nuvi 500/550, you can select the navigation mode by tapping the icon on the main screen

Nothing major here but the new "Where To" icons are more elaborate and all possible options are there

New "results" screen, note the clickable "link" in blue...

...that takes you to a convenient summary before you head out

Before we head out, the new "dragable" (think "iPhone") vehicle selection screen...


A major change here with your choice of the standard "horizontal" navigation map with one customizable field...

...and new "vertical" navigation map with 3 customizable fields

Speed switches to red if you're over the speed limit..

...and back to black when you're sticking to the rules

The new dashboard screen


I wasn't expecting much from this new navigation mode, as "pedestrian" modes on existing GPS systems are rather simplistic, think different average speed and one-way streets...Not so on a 1xxx when you add an optional CityXplorer Map for $15 : you turn it into a hybrid navigator that will give you detailed text descriptions and let you scroll the map to get your bearings and then zoom back to your current position, very convenient and somewhat borrowed from the iPhone GMap application...The mixed pedestrian/transit calculations are quite impressive, albeit a bit slow for now, but that should be fixed on shipping models.

The map switches to 2D North Up in that mode - note the third icon to go back to your current GPS position in a snap

Take your pick of a pedestrian/transit or pedestrian only trip...

...and get detailed directions for each section of the trip, including the tube section

The various sections (pedestrian/transit) are shown with different icons

General view of the trip

Lock the screen to...

...turn off the backlight and extend the battery life, by keeping it available to check the route


For those who want to experiment or dig into their GPS device:

The infamous "hardware inventory" screen, no indication as to what GPS chipset is being used unfortunately

The popular Raw Data logger is here too

Many colors to choose from but only for large orders for now

If you have questions or comments you can use this topic of the nuvi forums.

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