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Testing TomTom's IQ Routes
Posté le 27 mai 2008 à 09:46:36 par gpspassion.

TESTING - TOMTOM'S IQR (Intelligent Routing)
Available on the GO 930 (see topic) - Navcore v8 - Maps v800/v805

Ever since TomTom Navigator 2 was released five years ago in the US, TomTom's routes and ETA calculations have been regularly criticized, the consensus being that the road attributes in the TeleAtlas maps in the US did not provide enough information. TomTom's answer is IQ Routes that complements the standard road attributes with actual travel times collected over the years and they say it provides a better route 50% of the time, see TomTom's site for the full details. Sounds good on paper, but does it work ? After buying a GO 930T (see GO 930T Topic) this week-end, I was eager to find out.

To put IQ Routes to the test in the US (see note about Europe below), I used a problem route * from Des Moines, IA to Madison, WI where the default route is "not right" by default, a long detour via Rockford and excessive ETA as seen below. When IQ Routes kicks in, it's a completely different picture, with the route using the "best" route with a sensible ETA. This is the route a local user would choose and also the route suggested by the Navteq based Garmin 760 or Google Maps.



Other test routes : On the road the impact can be quite noticeable as Rick found out during his cross-country trek with a GO 920 without IQ Routes, a GO 930 with IQ Routes and a Garmin nüvi 780. IQ Routes doesn't always have such a dramatic impact though as can be sees in these examples.


As can be seen above with the "weekend", IQ Routes is tuned for week days and week-end and when you plan a trip from "A to B" you are given the following choices :

The catch of course is that actual travel times must be available for the route you're planning and in some cases it isn't, as seen below. TomTom collect these travel times when you connect your GPS system to your computer via TomTom HOME and the first time you do that you get prompted to authorize the collection of anonymous travel times, so now you have a good reason to say "yes" !



IQ ROUTES IN EUROPE ? - I also tried some routes in France, but only noticed ETA differences, I suspect that TomTom's routes being already quite effective in Europe (thanks to "better" TeleAtlas maps ?), there will be less of an impact than in North America.

Test routes in Norway suggested by gekko :
1. Trondheim to Haugesund : 780/12h47 with IQR - 780/13h40 without IQR
2. Trondheim to Haugesund via Oslo : 951/14h17 with IQR - 951/15h45 without IQR
3. Trondheim to Mosjøen : 392/5h46 with IQR - 392/6h36 without IQR

"The ETAs with IQRoutes I asked for seem very good, much more like the values expected from real life driving. Thank you very much!"

If you have questions, comments or "problem routes" you want checked with IQR, feel free to post them in this topic of the forums.

*This route was highligted as a problem route on the Dash Express, also based on TeleAtlas maps, in this topic

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