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Trimble Outdoors + Blackberry
Posté le 17 janvier 2008 à 17:37:29 par gpspassion.


Article written by Paul, moderator of our forums since 2002 and experienced GPS user on PDAs and AIOs. If you have questions or comments, you can use this discussion thread in the forums.

Website : >> link <<

Trimble is one of the big guys in the GPS world, but the consumer doesn't often see them. They are a major player in "commercial" GPS. If you go to the Trimble website and look at their products the categories are Precision Agriculture, Engineering and Construction, Field and Mobile Worker and Advanced Devices. In the annual DARPA unmanned vehicle challenge Trimble GPS devices are often used for the precision guidance of the competing vehicles. That is why I was so intrigued when I saw a "Trimble Outdoors" booth at CES. Someone like this coming into the consumer market is very exciting.

The Trimble Outdoors Suite
Trimble Outdoors is a suite of products that are meant to run on a GPS enabled phone, including phones such as the Razr which are not even smartphones. The suite consists of 4 products:

Allsport GPS<: which can track exercise activity by monitoring time, speed, calories burned and distance traveled. Users can download maps to their phones and do performance statistics and progress monitoring on Trimble's associated website.

Geocache Navigator: which works in conjunction with by using that sites geocache database. Using a GPS enabled phone the user can have the phone guide them to the cache and the phone will also provide compass-based navigation, maps, speed, heading, location, distance, cache description logs, hits, etc.

Trimble Outdoors: is an outdoor trip planning and navigation program that allows the user to review and plan trips online and send routes, maps and waypoints to their GPS enable phone and then use the phone as a full featured navigator.

GuideWorxGPS: which enables turn by turn driving directions and off-road navigation on a GPS enabled phone. A current listing of the phones that the Trimble software runs on can be found here.

I don't have a phone with a GPS built in (I use an iPhone) so the Trimble folks kindly lent me a Blackberry 8310 Curve (which will be the subject of a separate review) which was pre-loaded with the first three applications. GuideWorxGPS does not currently run on the Blackberry. In reviewing this product I'm going to take the programs one by one and gradually update the review as I go through the first three products mentioned above. I'll start with AllSport GPS just because it is the simplest program and the easiest for me to jump into. Geocaching and off-road walking will take me a bit more time to get into - but I will report on them.

1. Introduction
2. AllSport GPS - page 2
3. Geocache Navigator - page 3
4. Trimble Outdoors - page 4
5. Final Words - page 5

If you have questions or comments you can use this thread of the forums.

  Part I - AllSport GPS >>

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