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2007 GPS Chipsets reviewed
Posté le 20 octobre 2007 à 16:58:08 par gpspassion.

Introduction and Index

More than two years have gone by since our reference article on GPS Chipsets used in consumer devices was published in April 2005. Last year's edition got cancelled due to the lack of new chipsets, but there have been three notable additions over the past year, the MTK chipset used on many Bluetooth GPS receivers and loggers and on the new Garmin eTrex H series of handheld systems, the NemeriX NX3 available on a couple of Bluetooth GPS receivers so far and the Skytraq Venus 5 with AGPS chipset used on a few Bluetooth GPS receivers.

These three chipsets are high-sensitivity chipsets rated at -158dBm/-159dBm like the SiRFstarIII chipset. The NemeriX and MTK chipsets use the XpertGPS4000 software originally licenced from Ceva (now Glonav) while Skytraq uses software developed internally. Both the Nemerix NX3 and Skytraq Venus 5 chipsets have offline A-GPS capabilities, but it is only available on Skytraq based receivers for now.

The following links point to detailed reviews of each chipset based on end-user receivers, this includes battery life testing (and calculation of a time/mAh ratio), side by side sensitivity testing with other receivers, including SiRFstarIII receivers for reference and side by side tracking tests.

1. Introduction
2. MTK Based Receivers : >> link <<
3. NemeriX NX3 based receiver : >> link <<
4. Skytraq Venus 5 based receivers : >> link <<

New GPS chipsets being developed but not yet available on end-user systems include the uBlox 5, the Glonav GNS4540 (announced on the Lowrance XOG).

If you have questions or comments, you can use this thread of the forums.

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