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Previewed : Garmin nüvi 760
Posté le 24 septembre 2007 à 18:55:20 par gpspassion.

Navteq Meeting - Garmin 710 and 760 Preview


A panoramic view of the Navteq Meeting on September 13th

Like they did last year for the nüvi 660 and the Zumo, Garmin used the Paris "Navteq Forum" to launch their new range of GPS systems. On display were the already available "entry level" nüvi 250 with its SD/3.5" screen, the nüvi 250W with its HD/4.3 widescreen and the main attraction, the new "high end" systems, the nuvi 710 and 760 that will replace the 660 after it ends its career in the coming months.

The new 760 in its black "coat"

While the 2xxW and the 7xx share a common form factor, sleek and thin, there are some specificities that will come in handy, such as the external antenna connector (MCX format), the 3.5mm audio out, or the "smart" car holder.

The 710 comes with a map of France and the 760 with a map of Europe. Other regions will also get the 760 and 770 models, see here for the full line-up.

Most users of the 660 and 680 series were quite happy with the hardware and the 7xx is essentially a slimmed down version with a built-in antenna. While making the device sleeker, the built-in antenna will likely provide less signal to the SiRFstarIII GPS chip, so the external antenna (provided in the box per Garmin France, may be different in other regions) could come in handy to get started in the morning in dense urban areas.

The big news of course is the software with many arguing that Garmin are "dumbing up" the nüvi after "dumbing it down" compared to the feature set of the "traditional" Garmin units such as the SPIII, SP2610, SP2720 or SP2830...Anyway, the 7xx range gains :
- Tracklog
- Multiple stop planning with route optimization
- Where Am I : one click to get your address and closest emergency services.


The hidden hardware menu is still there !

The 760 seen from different angles - the 710 has a grey finish

Comparing the 2xxW/7xx : GPS antenna connector, "hot" shoe, audio out

A close look at the "smart" car holder

The same flat plug first used on the GTM-21, ball mount, this is for an external microphone (thanks for the info Anders)


The oft requested tracklog feature (jotne you can now relax ;-))

A handy "Where am I" screen you reach by tapping on the cursor

A search memory for towns and streets

Multiple stop trip planning with an easy to use interface, but route calculation feels slow, this may be improved on the shipping models


Multiple stop trip planning


13km saved !

The nice and useful trip screen unique to Garmin

A satellite screen with an optimized layout

More controls for the sound, note the navigation mute to listen to music without interruptions

The music screen looks similar, albeit with sharper fonts

Note the new "music" button on the side, it's only there when you are listening to music

The FM Transmitter control screen

If you have questions or comments, you can use this thread of the nüvi forums.

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