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Reviewed : iGO USA 2006
Posté le 23 novembre 2006 à 19:34:06 par gpspassion.

1. "Liquid GPS" Coming Soon to the USA

Here's a review of iGO 2006 USA by cgavula, a member of GpsPasSion since 2002 (#125 !) and experienced PocketPC GPS user who recently reviewed Route 66 Navigate 7 and TomTom Navigator 6. While iGO 2006 USA is not yet available for purchase, some of iGO's partners are shipping their own version, this is the case with the Mio C310x for instance

If you have questions or comments, you can use this thread of the forums

A brief technical note: The screenshots shown here were done using an image capture program that snaps QVGA images only. The iGo program was running in VGA mode, hence the images may appear "blocky". The true VGA display is cleaner and smoother than depicted here.

Ever since I saw the early press on the release of iGo Navigator in Europe a year or so ago, I’ve wanted to try it out.  It seemed to have a lot of the features I wanted and it had an interface that was attractive and functional.  Recently, I got to work with a pre-release version of the application and USA maps and I put it through its paces.

So What’s Different about This One?
This program came from game developers at pdamill and a lot of that heredity shows in the way the application is executed.  In many ways, this application offers the same features as many of the current offerings on the market, but for starters, they’ve really made an effort to get you up and running as quickly and easily as possible.  Everything begins when you pop in the 1GB card containing both the application and the maps.

Pop It In and Go…
Basically, you don’t really have to do much of anything to install the program – just pop the card in and the application will automatically install what it needs to and start iGo. It will attempt to automatically find your GPS receiver too.  Of course, you can manually set up and configure everything if you’d like, and you probably will after you’ve worked with it for a while, but the point is that you can start using it with very little effort within a few minutes of having inserted the iGo card.
When the app starts up, you see the opening splash screen; then you are greeted with the main menu.  In the middle of that screen is the button you’ll use the most – “Find and Go”.  Press this and you’re off!

Pressing the “Find & Go” button lets you start your route by selecting a destination.  You can choose your home or work (you’re prompted to set them up if you haven’t already done so).  You can choose to navigate to an address, a place in your history of places visited, a specific latitude/longitude (coordinates), or a POI (Point of interest).  As soon as you select your destination, the app uses your current GPS position to calculate a route – and it does that VERY quickly – and you are taken to the cockpit screen.  I should point out here that there is an omission in the program that will, for some people, be important. There is no option to route to a contact.

The Rest of the Main Menu
On the main screen itself you will also find the current GPS status and, if you have a valid GPS fix, you will also see your current position (latitude and longitude) and/or the current date/time.

Also on the main (opening) menu screen is a “Settings” button to take you to a menu where you can alter the program settings; a triangular drop down in the upper right corner to allow you to temporarily step out of the program to execute another Pocket PC application (like the Bluetooth Manager, for example); a GPS icon to take you directly to the GPS settings; and lastly, there’s the program exit button in the lower right corner to allow you to quit iGo altogether.

If you have questions or comments, you can use this thread of the forums

  2. Welcome to the Map/Cockpit Displays >>

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