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GPS Consumer Chipsets
Posté le 11 août 2006 à 01:55:38 par gpspassion.

1. Introduction and Index

More than a year has gone by since our reference article on GPS Chipsets used in consumer devices was published in April 2005. There have been regular updates with the arrival of the RFMD Chipset on the Rikaline 6033, or of the improved Nemerix v3 firmware at the end of 2005 on the i-Blue v1, as well as side by side comparisons in the GPS Performance "Round Up" series (Sony v3, Globallocate, SiRFstarIIIv2, etc...) and in the WAAS/EGNOS Accuracy article (Nemerix v4 preview), but the time has come for some new overall comparisons. We won't revisit the various usage environments as in the 2005 Chipset Comparison but will instead discuss changes since last year, availability (reprensentative models), overall GPS performance, tracking and acquisition (TTFF) and power requirements. As usual if you have questions, comments or suggestions as the article develops and once it is completed, feel free to use the forums.

Under review will be the following chipsets : Garmin, Globallocate (GL20000), NemeriX (NJ1030 - v3, v4), SiRF (SiRFstarIIx, SiRFstarIII, SIF AGPS), RFMD, Sony v3, uBlox, uNav.

1. Introduction
2. General comments by family of chipsets and main models (WIP)
3. Performance Review : tracking, acquisition, power requirements (WIP)
4. Conclusion (WIP)

If you have questions or comments, you can use this thread of the forums.

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